Monkey Wrench In Prepper Bunker Theory ?

Prepper Bunker are a waste of time?

Japanese WWII Bunker

Cork Graham, Global Counter Terror Magazine it seems is upset with Preppers that have or want a Doomsday Bunker. He is of the notion that Preppers are crazy for having one and tries to shoot the whole theory down. He does make some valid points but I think perhaps he is a  expert at notion but his own opinion. I have looked at all his arguments long ago. Nothing he say’s is new and most Preppers now all his negatives and consider it before purchasing a Bunker.

No its not a impenetrable fortress, its not meant to be.

It is better than the normal homes we live in. If you are the bad guy, which are you going for first? The bunker or the house next door?

What can be seen easier a above ground dwelling or the underground bunker?

Here’s another one which requires less energy?

Traveling from place to place with your supplies is not a very health prospect.

Ok so the Prepper Bunker does not answer every scenario that could come along Mr, Graham but I heard nothing from you more than negatives. What is your answer? Maybe you plan on taking from others and leaving bodies in your wake. Or could it be you plan on the governments help. Or perhaps you are one of those city boy’s that will crumble and cry for your mommy.  Do you have a plan or do you just sit around picking Prepper Plans apart?

I’m not endorsing this company just thought some of you could use some ideas.

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