Doomsday Castle Location Found

Doomsday Castle Located near Pickens SC.

Doomsday Castle Location

Doomsday Castle Location

I keep getting people coming into this site looking for the exact location of the Doomsday Castle. I knew it would come out soon and it has. I tried this first 34deg58’41N 82deg 43’38W in Google Earth but it did not recognize it so I entered this Dreugh Evins Drive, Pickens, SC. and it as it slowly revolve to the location and zoomed in, on the right I could see a small feature on the left of the screen that did not fit into the landscape. I then used the control to move it to the middle of my screen and zoomed in closer.

Well what do you know I was looking at the one and only Doomsday Castle location just as I was told. Just don’t get mad at me Brent it was not I who let the location out.  It was just a matter of time for the location of the Castle to get out as I stated in a earlier post but I am surprised it came out this soon.

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35 thoughts on “Doomsday Castle Location Found

  1. Just read the address on another website. They said Doomsday Castle location is 285 Dreugh Evins Dr, Pickens. I googled it and sure enough you can see the castle, but no roof yet. They also said this guy is a Florida real estate agent not a survival expert. He’s just making money off this circus.

    • From what I got he started the Doomsday Castle for Y2K. Remember that? I don’t think he ever said he was a expert and I think the show has proven that.

      • this is not real.. the tv show has only proven that anybody can be an actor.. even an out of work real estate agent. the property where the doomsday castle is located on was just woods until a couple of years ago when the producer of the tv show bought the property. we used to hunt there prior to this now the now the security guards dont let people on the property anymore.

        • You could be right. I have no way of knowing what the truth of the matter is.

        • If its such a fortress why do they have security guards there? sounds like a lot of B.S. to me. It is so fake that it makes other reality shows so real.

          • Lots of crazy people out their so if they are staying on the property the production company might be paying for security.

          • NONE of the reality shows are real. get a life

          • From what I’ve seen of the show the castle isn’t that great, But if they got a real group of men in there(and women of coarse, men is generic to human beings in general too) it could be quite something.

          • I think a lot of it is just for the camera but if they are serious they will learn and grow. Then they will get rid of that place and start someplace that is is little more private. With the money they make from the show and the sell of that land they could have a hell of a BOL.

          • The security is there so he can protect his hot daughters from being approached for dates LOL

    • I have heard that he was never in the army like he says. Hes so full of s##t. How are you suppose to defend a castle where all the windows are open on the second floor and that has no roof.

    • We live in Pickens County and found the location. It is gated, so you can’t just drive up to it and you can’t see it from the road. Real treat driving past all the redneck trailers and run down properties.

  2. I didn’t know preppers wasn’t allowed to have every day jobs?

  3. try 34 58’41N 82 43’38W on Google earth for the doomsday deathtrap

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  5. this castle is purely a “reality TV show” only. it was not started before y2k. it was just started a couple years ago when the producer of the tv show bought the property. this is a FACT. stop being soo gullible people.. the only REAL reality tv show on tv is cops.. dumbasses

  6. I have been wondering where they get all there money to build the castle, and get all the supplies that they use and there food, etc.

    • I suppose since they are competing to see who will be the executor of SR’s Will it could mean he has $$$ but then on the other hand he might just be full of it.

  7. Wow, this was easy to find! I bet someone will now start a youtube channel of them filming a reality TV show. Ha Ha. Behind the scenes!

  8. They have security for a couple reasons, the camera crew, they do have deadly traps and don’t want people getting hurt unless the true day has come. I don’t understand why people would want to go check them out in person. Watch the show or don’t. I don’t care what his income source is, he’s teaching his kids something he is serious about and they are bonding.

  9. there are way to many hateful people in this would. so who can tell the crazy hate filled one from the other types. what does it matter “to these hate filled people” what he does with his land. to say what he can and can’t do, is a dictatorship. making these hateful people the dictator over his paid for land. the last time i looked. it a free land to do on your property as you wish as long as it doesn’t change another persons land directly. do these hateful people let others say what they can put on their lands. or how there homes should look. especially during it’s construction. i really don’t think so… or they would be complaining about this to their lawyers. oh wait, this gives him a opening to do just that, to these hate filled and seemingly jealous people.

  10. Go in Google Earth. Paste in the 34 58’41N 82 43’38W. Go to View/Historical Imagery, in google earth, Roll the maps dates back. The castle has been there for a while.

  11. Here is the latest I have learned: Brent Sr is just another real estate developer turning the mountain areas of Pickens SC into a tourist trap. His real name is Brent Bruns. He is a real estate agent with Premier Coastal Properties in Florida you can find him on Linked In. I think he’s wearing make up in his real estate picture! The Doomsday Castle is located at 285 Dreugh Evins Dr, Pickens, SC 29671. You can google directions to it and see the satellite picture! Just another developer ruining the mountains of SC and NC and National Geographic should be ashamed of promoting this nonsensical circus! This is a beautiful recreation area which includes Table Rock park and Foothills Trail. The last thing that is needed is a circus clown with armed guards in the area. I hope that the SC Land Trust buys the property and tears down the abomination and restores the mountain. Really pisses me off.

  12. I don’t care about their credentials, expertise or day jobs. Apart from the drama, the show raises some interesting issues for anyone interested in how to be self-sufficient when conventional help is not available.

    One might also suppose such people would be more interested in using the show as a springboard for further learning rather than adopting wholesale the ideas offered by the show or dwelling on the clay feet of the characters.

    I was interested in discovering the specific location because of the plants mentioned in the garden episode. As someone with homes in Canada and Central America, I hardly expected the species used in South Carolina to be germane.

    But the concept of concentric circles of vines, edibles and medicinals around a central tree (or trees) is worth exploring. Whether it is truly productive and low maintenance, I don’t know. But it was a new idea to me, and well worth considering for my Central American garden.

    So, critics, get a life. We are all decaying, but only some of us are growing, learning, or trying to leave the world a little better than we found it. I give old Brent the benefit of the doubt.

    • I find the garden interesting as well and have been looking into plants for our B.O.L. that will be appropriate for our area. Its clear these people are novice and have a long way to go but then who among use are born knowing all their is to know.

      The show does raise some interesting issues I agree and sparks some interesting comments here. I do at times wonder about the honesty of the show and if it is more staged then original. All that said I like the show.

  13. So are there any preppers in the upstate area i.e. greenville/spartanburg/anderson area looking to band together?

    • i don’t have any on the list from that area but if I get some I will put them in contact with you if you want. Or they can use this comment area to let you know.

  14. Until you guys have proof that its fake you have no proof at all and until I see it could be real and it was his natural idea to build that then I cant say its all real but stop being so dense in the head saying your right when your only 99 percent sure because thinking you know and knowing are two separate things and that’s to everyone, and preppers for life!

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