Doomsday Castle Is Here!

National Geographic Doomsday Castle is here!

National Geographic.Doomsday Castle

I guess enough people watched Doomsday Preppers and Doomsday Bunkers to give this new show Doomsday Castle a shot at the big time. I liked both of the previous shows and enjoyed them even considering the network did its best to portray Preppers as goofballs and idiots.

It looks to me we have seen this Castle before on the D. Bunker show I think it was. Now they are back with the family and planning for Armageddon. I found some promo videos for those that want a early look into the defenders of Doomsday Castle. Sorry but you have to put up wiyth the short commercial at the start of each video.

The first video we see Brent Sr. and Dawn-Marie in a bug out vehicle heading up the one road that leads up to the Doomsday Castle, which leads in to how to defend that approach which Brent Sr. is not happy about how fast someone can get from the gate to the Castle. Which intern leads into building a Catapult.

In the second video Brent Sr. and son Michael are working on a draw bridge design to help defend the Castle again weapons like hand guns and rifles. They test several to determine how thick of metal to use without being to heavy to work with.

Video 3 has Brent Sr. with family taste testing MRE’s ( Meals Ready To Eat ) which by the way are not as bag as they act. I guess you have to do things on these shows to build the story. Lets hope they did not plan to just have MRE’s for a year. You can find much better long term storage meals on the market and how about a garden?  OK so now Brent Jr. and brother are set to go hunting with a Cross Bow.  If they are the city boy’s I think they are they may be in for a big surprise.

Brent Sr. with a pep talk to his family about being prepared for Doomsday and just how much they don’t now and how little prepared they are. We are also treated to a introduction to the Doomsday Castle. It is impressive at least what we see of it.

In the final video we see the Brent Sr.’s family talking about dad and how it is being raised by a Prepper. Dad expects them to help finish the Doomsday Castle. This is going to be a big project I wonder how into it they are or just want to be on TV.

A full proof Doomsday escape is not possible but that is the goal  I am looking forward to the show but I have my doubts about it from what I see so far. I think the Castle would be a dream come true for many Preppers so it might draw a audience for the first season but only time will tell if its done well enough to bring people back for more.

I know some fans of the show will be asking where is the Doomsday Castle? The location is someplace deep in the Carolina woods. Now you didn’t really think they would tell us. Perhaps as the show goes on someone might leak it out which will make the castle worthless if SHTF but if the show is a hit Brent Sr. and family could make enough money to build several of these Doomsday Bunkers. By the time this family gets done they might need one for each just so they don’t kill each other.

I will be watching this new Doomsday Castle TV show on Tuesday  AUG 13 at 10PM on the National Geographic Channel

Now if you are one of the people looking for the Location of the Doomsday Castle just click the link.


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The Defenders Of Doomsday Castle.

Brent II

Brent II








Brent Sr.

Brent Sr.





Update 8-11-2013

I was browsing the net looking to see what other people are saying about Doomsday Castle. It seems some of the same things that have been said about Doomsday Bunkers and Preppers with bunker are one of the topics I ran across. Looks to me a lot of people think its stupid to have a Bunker or in this case a what is being referred to as a Castle.

Here is one comment I found at the Survivalist Forum that is a familiar theme.

“UMM Wasn’t it Patton that said something like fixed fortifications… something something… monuments to the folly of mankind?

I don’t know but if I were a sniper again I would find it much easier to observe and engage a castle due to the few windows and the fact that they would have to expose themselves to engage me.. I might not be able to actually get into there to get what they have but they wouldn’t be getting out either.

Not to mention its not very hard to make an explosive anymore.. Which is why castles/ stone forts went away anyways right? Black powder cannons? Look at the Civil War.. FT Sumter? one of the forts that actually stood for pretty long period under direct assault was Ft Wagner.. Guess what it was made out of? Sand bunkers/trenches and some wood. Much better than concrete.

All that being said. I think the concept of the show is retarded and is right there with “doomsday preppers”


I don’t know why this is said so often. Not sure what they would have people do. Roam around the wilderness hiding from every sound. Freezing in the winter and suffering through the heat of summer. Perhaps having your family live in trenches or a wood house that any passer by could shoot holes in with a 22.  I don’t have the cash to build  like Brent Sr. and don’t think I would. With that said Why would someone lets say a sniper pick a target he admits he might not be able to get into just to pick off targets.

I for one would not waste my resources like ammo ect on a fortress that after the first shot would give me away. Now the inhabitants would be after me and I would probably not know who I was up against. I might be up against other trained snipers. Maybe they have infra red and or night vision. Could be they planned for just this kind of attack. Once they new I was around and a threat I would be hunted.

I would like to here some of your thoughts on this. the comment section below is open.

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20 thoughts on “Doomsday Castle Is Here!

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  3. Looking forward to the new Prepper show Doomsday Castle. If it is produced well. If its done right it might even get the word out about being ready for emergencies.

    • Hey Castle Fan 1 I’m in agreement with you, if these shows are done right it could help people be ready for SHTF or other emergencies. Maybe we could get on with our preps without so much of it on defense. As you may already know protection cost lots of $$$$$.

  4. I have seen the nay sayer’s a lot and have never figured it out. I know what they are saying but I’m not sure why they think we would just wonder around and hope for the best. Thats really what they are saying. We can’t protect our families that way. I for one think my Doomsday Castle (not really a Castle) is the best chance my group has and think the people that I trust can do a good job of it.

    • I plan on staying at home unless it gets to bad. Then I hope we can make it to our safer location. I know people have other ideas but that is my plan. We will all live or die by our decisions we do every day. Know one knows what will happen or if but all we can do is plan and make preparation.

  5. LOL, the so-called Castle whole design is WRONG, Stupid and is built as a home, not for a defensive Castle.
    1. It should have- No windows or doors on the ground floor, it should of had a staircase that can be raised and dropped from the inside, if people have to use a ladder to get in they have little to no way of doing so.
    2. All windows and the door on the second floor should of had a metal shield on a piano hinge that would drop down and could be locked closed. If people cannot see in or get in your safe. You cannot apply allot of pressure of force things open while standing on a ladder.
    3. Power or Elec. the roof being flat should have it’s own solar system on it. Hard to destroy it if you can’t get to it.
    4. It should be round, round walls gives your attackers nothing to hide behind, no corners to hide behind.
    5. The second floor should of had points every so often that cantilever over the first floor, this could be used to shoot down towards any attackers at the first floor trying to get in.

    Just so many things wrong from a design standpoint for a prepping and world end scenario building.

    • Your points are well taken but I might suggest no bunker is prefect and some Preppers would say no bunker is worth the time or money put into it. Staying on the move at all times is the best. I for one reject that theory, it has flaws as well.

  6. Oh and lets not forget the Catapult, just how stupid can you be? They have guns, a Catapult in only good for attacking a fort, not defense in the woods, it takes forever to load, it is hard to turn and change your shot area, and attackers are not going to stand still. Its only good for a stationary target.
    Real Preppers are going to be turned away by all the just plan stupid designs and things that anyone knows ahead of time won’t work.

    • But isn’t it fun to pick it apart. That might be part of the draw of these show’s. How many seasons is Doomsday Preppers in now? 3 I think. I did not figure it for more than 1. Only time will tell is Doomsday Castle is a hit or a flop.

    • Also imagine how long it will take to get the draw bridge up if they were being attacked. Block and tackles work very slowly.

  7. I think Brent jr is partially retarded, especially after the tractor battering ram stunt. The lawn tractor he modified looked like something an 8 year old kid would build. I agree the catapult is worthless. It takes the whole family to get it set to fire. If the “end of days” does happen to come they might have casualties and therefore not have enough people to set it.

    • Ya think! Not only is Brent II a Re-Re so is the entire family! The dad brain washed these poor kids into idiots! I mean Please .. If you are a child of God there are no worries abt the end times and you are wasting all of this time and energy on stupid things that will be totally useless. Read Revelation int The Bible and you will learn all you need to. Just the facts.

  8. Google Maps lookup: Dreugh Evins Drive, Pickens, SC
    Google Earth: 34deg58’41N 82deg 43’38W

    Dale Broad comments are generally right on point. The most poignant comment I could make (other than telling those that live around Pickens, SC where to find easy supplies) is just like the move Fight Club. The first rule of Fight club is……

  9. Great Info on Doomsday Castle it getting to be a Very popular show. I like your Prepper site I am ready to build my own doomsday castle with the stuff that’s going on in the world today

    • Just don’t learn from the show unless it’s what not to do. Brent Sr. and his family have a long way to go if they plan on surviving a SHTF.

      • Shows like this make me sad. I think preparedness is a serious issue that’s already hard to talk to friends and family about. Then shows/people like this make you look like a lunatic when you do. *Sigh*…

        • Being prepared is a serious issue but no TV show good or bad like Doomsday Castle will make or break this issue. The people that work to be ready for emergencies understand and the people that know and do nothing will just keep doing what they are doing. I have helped many people learn to be Preppers but not one time that I know of have I changed someones mind from non-Prepper to Prepper.

  10. What a dumb show, a bunch of 20 something’s acting like teenagers. Now the boys are mud wrestling with their sisters, that’s okay, its Tennessee.

    • Pardon me but it’s NOT Tennessee these people are in North Carolina. Tennesseans have much more sense than this! We believe in Salvation through Jesus knowing that before as such thing happens here on earth we will be taken up to Heaven in the blink of an eye. The people left here really should be preppers b/c it will be needed. I pray for all of you preppers – for your Salvation so that these means will be known as not necessary. You will see …

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