Doomsday Bunkers: I’m Not Their Yet !

Doomsday Bunker! I’m not their yet gut maybe someday!

Doomsday Bunker

As many of you can already attest to. The Doomsday Bunker is for the most, the last item on your Preppers List. I’m sorry to say I just have not gotten to that point yet. But that’s not to say I would not like to have that project completed.

We ( as in My long time friend ) started on the road to being  Preppers  ( then survivalist ) some 30 years ago. Being a Prepper was always part of our make-up but it was not until 911, Katrina and I think for both of us Obama did we get back to preparing   in a accelerated pace.  All this got us back on track and to the forefront of our priorities.

911 was terrorism and all the scenarios that go along with it.

Here is a video I found to share with the readers. Thought it might get you started thinking about your own and what you might need in your own circumstance.

Katrina if you saw what happened in Louisiana does not need explanation.

Obama if you don’t understand that already then I can’t help you!

Back to the topic of the Doomsday Bunkers. The new show with that name has prompted my writing of this article. For the Preppers among us the Bunker is the most time consuming and expensive item on our Preppers list thus for many it is the last. My Preppers list went something like this .

1st my 72 hr Bug Out Bag.

2nd came my Bug in Preppers list and fulfilling it. Then I went on to a Bug Out vehicle, bug out plan and Bug Out route. Now I’m looking at a Doomsday Bunkers and making up my mind on the best way to complete this step in my list.

A Preppers list is always a very personal thing. It consists of so many details for your individual life that it has no choice but to be personal and will be prioritized differently than mine.

I stopped by my buddies place this past weekend to check on his progress on his Doomsday Bunker. Lats time I was out he was still a long way from being do but now it getting close. I’m going back out soon we are talking about doing some video’s on bunkers and all topics related to Prepping.


Some of the articles you find here at Politics and Preppers are sent in by various people I have meet over the years but you will as of this time not find credits with names and places. I think you might understand the reasoning behind this. Most Preppers are not talking much about  it.

Here is a video on a Survival Bunker made from a shipping container. It is just what one person has done but the way to use these container are almost endless. Just something to get you started on your survival training.

Shipping Container Doomsday Bunker

3 thoughts on “Doomsday Bunkers: I’m Not Their Yet !

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  2. These bunkers are not built for Chemical and Biological warfare. People and governments are becoming very crafty. The bunker is not military grade and it is not deep enough. I could take out the bunker myself with the right weapons.

    • I don’t know anyone that has the resources to stand up against the gov. Your points are valid and part of the reason I’m not their yet. I do know someone that does have a shipping container bunker that I think can handle Chemical and Bio emergencies for a few months if it is not a direct attack on his bunker. As I see it no bunker is 100 percent but its better than a brick and mortar home.

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