65K Prepper Bunker

Utah mans 65k Prepper Bunker in Utah: A video tour.

Peter Larson and kids in Bunker

How many of use can afford a Prepper Bunker 20 feet under ground? I would think many of use could not crape up that kind of cash and I don’t think you could find many banks that would loan money on a Doomsday Bunker. Although  Peter Larson has done a great job with his bunker I would never invest that kind of cash in one that I need 24 hours notice to get to.

He say’s himself he pray’s for 24 hours notice and for many disaster’s that might be fine but what about the disaster scenarios that could be minutes or just a few hours. It just leave things wide open that I prefer not to plan better for. Yes Peter Larson has all the right stuff in his Prepper Bunker but what goods does it do if you are hours away. No bug out plan is prefect but for me this on just has to big a hole in it.

Now $65,000 is not that big a price compared to some of the luxury bunkers I’ve seen but you have to be able to get to it.

For The Blaze

“But the vast majority of purported “survivalists” building “doomsday bunkers” to ride out an attack on humanity that could end the world as we know it are peaceful individuals who are nothing like Dykes. Take Peter Larson who recently gave CNN a tour of his $65,000 bunker nestled in Utah’s mountains.

CNN’s Gary Tuchman describes Larson as a family man. He’s a man who has a normal neighborhood home with a mountain view. But a few hour drive away into the mountains is where Tuchman has created a 50-foot long, 10-foot in diameter bunker that resides 20 feet under ground.”

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  1. Capt. I don’t normally approve comments with links in them. Lots of jerks out their that link to all kind s of BS. However this one I think is worth sharing with my readers. Not that I agree with everything in your article but then how many of us agree with everything anyone says. You are welcome back anytime but please keep it to one link pre comment. Now for some of the others that see this and think I will allow their link as well, don’t bet on it! If the link shares good info. that I think other preppers will like, then and only then will I approve it.

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    • I stopped by your site. Nice start keep up the good work. It looks like your are where I was a few years ago. Which means you could no longer stay on the side lines but had to share with others and try to help those that have seen what is to come. Thanks for the comment.

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