Pool Shock: Making your Own Bleach

Making your Own Bleach With Pool Shock


Pool Shock Emergency Water Treatment

Pool Shock Emergency Water Treatment

“Now you may even have a beautiful well on your property, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to have this on hand…why? Because you never know where you’ll end up, who you might meet and want to help, and in tough times, being the guy who helped give everyone, or quite a few people access to safe drinking water will go a long way to build your credibility in a community or just ease your conscience in tough times and help other people.”

I’ve have a pool and a well but for some reason never put this together. Just goes to show you no one knows it all. Thanks Kevin for sending me this article. This bag of pool shock will treat 20,000 gals at a rate for pools which is too high for drinking. You will need the right rates and measurements to get it right. Just click the link above to read the full article.

I paid about $10 for this bag which is probably enough to last longer than I need but for that price I think I’ll get a couple more. Never know I might need to supply water for the whole neighborhood.

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