Zombie Bug Out Bag Not Just For Preppers

Building Your Zombie Bug Out Bag

Zombie BOB

Trying to create a Zombie Bug Out Bag is actually one of the most exciting things to do. Most people will admit that having a zombie apocalypse would be one of the most exciting things to happen but it seems like most people are not prepared. There are several things that you will need in your bug out bag to ensure that you will be able to get through the zombies. Attacking zombies and surviving can be a very tiring thing to do and so it is crucial that you go out and put together a bag that will have everything that you will need. If you are serious about being able to create the best Zombie Bugout Bag out there, then make sure you have these items.

A Durable Zombie Bug Out Bag

Zombie One

You will always need to have backpack to make sure that you have everything organized. This is something that you will need to keep you weapons inside of. The backpack must be very durable and it must be able to get through a lot of running and attacks. The Zombies will be grabbing you and this means that they will be grabbing your backpack as well. Find a very strong and durable backpack to get through the zombie attacks. This is the most important piece of equipment when it comes to putting together a Zombie Bugout bag.

First Aid Kit For Your Zombie Bug Out Bag

You will be going through a lot of wild terrain and so you must have a first aid kit. This means that you must focus on being able to find one that has everything that you will possibly need. Things like band aids, ointments and even flashlights will go a long way towards you being able to survive. This is definitely something that you will need to have beforehand so that you will survive any possible cuts or scrapes. However, if you get bit by a zombie, we all know that there is nothing that the first aid can do.

A Weapon For Your Zombie Bug Out Bag

Try your best to find some sort of knife or sword to be able fight back when needed. Though it is best to simply run away, sometimes you are put in a position where you simply need to fight back. However, this weapon will need to be small enough to fit into your backpack so that you have access to it at all times. Remember that this is certainly something that will be able to actually save your life and so it is very important that you find one that you can use.

Overall, if you are looking to get through any type of zombie attack, then you will need to have a complete Zombie pack. This will go a long way towards your survival during an attack and you will also have fun putting the bag together. This Zombie Bug Out Bag can actually be used for other disasters like earthquakes but some people will be confused as to why you have a sword in your bag.

Preppers !  Zombies don’t need one but you might.

Check out the Zombie BOB video at the end of this page.

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