Vulture-II Bug Out Bag

Maxpedition Vulture-II 3-Day Bug Out Bag For Preppers

Maxpedition Vulture IIVulture-II Bug Out Bag is one of the best choices when it comes to bug out bags. This bag will make sure all your needed items are accommodated in its very large space. This is one great thing about a bug out bag because you can be sure that all the items that you might need when bugging out are with you. Always remember that a survival pack or emergency kit, also called as bug out bag or 72-hour pack, should contain all the basic stuff that keeps you alive and going for at least three days. This is basically because help and assistance are often safe to arrive only after three days.

During a severe calamity or disaster, it is never practical to expect help from anyone who is also in the same shoes as you are. The only thing you can rely on when quickly evacuating from a dangerous area is your bug out bag or 72-hour pack. That is why it is very important that it contains all your basic needs. When preparing, always see to it that your bug out bag’s contents will keep you alive while moving from point A to point B. Vulture-II 3-Day Bug Out Bag is definitely a wise choice primarily because its space assures you that no one item is left behind.

With its 2810 cubic inches or 46 liters carry capacity, your Vulture-II Bug Out Bag can carry lots and lots of necessary gears. It is divided into three compartments with durable para-cord knot pulls and YKK #10 zippers. Your load is not just maximized but is also well secured in this backpack.

If you are thinking about the heavy weight that you might be carrying with this backpack, you do not have to worry that much. With Vulture-II 3-Day Bug Out Bag, you are guaranteed of comfort and ease because of the features that properly and evenly distribute its weight throughout your upper body. It comes with a very comfy back padding, a padded and concealable waist strap, chest strap, and supple curvaceous straps that are supported by 1 inch of nylon webbing.

You can also attach some more accessories and pouches in the front because of its featured sewn nylon hard points. Further, the hydration of  Maxpedition Vulture-II 3-Day Bug Out Bag is compatible with the most hydration systems that are offered in the market. You can have over 100 oz water bladder.

These are all incorporated in the highly trusted and appreciated backpack ever made. Incredibly tough and hard, your choice of Vulture-II Bug Out Bag will never ever leave your side even in the most difficult of situation. Having one of these always prepared in your home or in your trunk, you are assured of survival when unfortunate calamities and disasters hit your place.

Maxpedition Vulture-II 3-Day Backpack Review


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