Urban Bug Out Bag Its Different !

Urban Bugout Bag Its A Different Animal.

Urban Bug Out Bag

Urban survival is very different from other survival scenarios. A lot of people speak of bug out bags as if they are about to embark on a hunting adventure in the woods, but what about people living the city? There is a quite a big difference between an urban bug out bag and a traditional bug out bag. With us city dwellers, camouflage and lots of army supplies are not needed. Rather, we not only require equipment and gear for urban survival, but we need to put in a lot of consideration as to what we will need.

City dwellers do not need to catch fish for food or live off land to survive, but what we require is more and less at once. The aim of  Urban Bug Out Bag is to survive and to fit in. Being prepared for urban emergencies relies a lot on fitting in.

In the city you will be constantly surrounded by lots of people who are likely to be not as prepared as you are. The more you blend in with the people around you and are able to disguise your equipment and supplies, the better it will be for you. What you will need is a ‘low-key’ bugout bag, in other words a bag that will not stand out. Have a look at the following tips on urban survival and how to prepare your Urban Bugout Bag.

An ‘ALICE’ bag will not be needed, as it has a tendency to stand out, and is also unnecessary. You should have in mind a regular backpack or even a messenger/laptop bag.

Instead of wearing anything that resembles a camouflage, you should go for the urban look with khakis and other clothing of neutral colors.

You should wear regular work shoes or athletic shoes instead of wearing straight up boots.

In terms of your security, you should consider types that is more concealable such as a semi or smaller type. A massive one is likely to stand out and bring attention to it.

Your water supplies should be kept in your backpack, rather than kept hanging around you for everyone to see.

While MRE’s are quite popular as a food source, they are not convenient for urban settings. You won’t have a place to cook it and what’s more, you won’t be able to carry enough around in your small backpack. You should opt for dried nuts and fruit.

That basically outlines what you will need to prepare for your urban bugout bag. You might want or need to add more things to it, but this outline gives you the basic idea about creating an urban survival kit.

If you are a city dweller, it is best for you to reassess your bug out bag. You need to make sure that all of the things you have in your bag are items that you are going to use instead of being items that will take up extra space and weight for no reason.

If you intend to bug out of the city to a more remote setting like in the woods, then you should have all your necessary gear and items packed into your bag. Having said that, you will probably need to get out of the city too, so it’s a good idea pack some urban survival items into your backpack.                                                            written by: Michelle Parker

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