Ultralight Bug Out Bag

Is Your Goal A Ultralight Bug Out Bag

Ultralight Bug Out Bag

There are lots of blunders and errors that are circulating around regarding bug out bag, or emergency or survival pack or kit, or 72-hour pack, whatever you call it. These are minor and major errors. And whether you like it or not, it will greatly affect your emergency plans and even the possibility of your own survival. Some people are saying that your bug out bag should contain stuff as much as you can possibly carry. The lighter the items in your survival pack, the more stuff you can add to it.

Some are even saying that the primary purpose why you should go for lighter materials and items is to be able to add more stuff to your list. This is of course one of the most common misconceptions about your bug out bag. The goal is never to carry as much as your strength can handle. The goal is much simpler than that and it is to carry as light a load as possible. The goal is to come up with an ultralight bug out bag. When all the basic survival items are already in your bag, there is no need to add some more unnecessary or luxurious items.

It does not mean that because you can still easily carry your bag even if it has a lot of stuff, it is advisable to take the opportunity to add some more to it. The rule is: make it as light as possible. Your ultralight bug out bag will prove to be a lot more useful than all those unnecessary stuff you add to your basic items. More than that, having an ultralight bug out bag will add a great deal to your survival than having a much heavier one with a lot of stuff.

The main reason why you are advised to choose light items in addition to your light bug out bag is to be able to come up with the lightest bug out bag possible. An ultralight bug out bag, apart from its content, is greatly encouraged, provided it still has the dependability required for a bug out bag.

The goal to come up with an ultralight bug out bag is a very useful technique to be able to move as quickly as possible and as far as possible from the dangerous area of disaster. You have to take note that an ultralight bug out bag is a great factor for a speedy travel. The faster you can move and get out from dangerous areas, the safer you will be from being exposed to dangers. Also, an ultralight bug out bag will be of great help when someone needs a hand- an injured, an old person, or a little kid. You can still afford to assist them given the light weight of your own load.

But, of course, make sure that your ultralight bug out bag meets all your emergency needs. After all, the goal is actually to come up with an efficient bug out bag.

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