SOC Bug Out Bag Durability Preppers What.

SOC Bug Out Bag for Preppers who want durability!

SOC Long Range Bugout Bag

Created to last even in the most difficult of missions, the SOC bug out bag is famous for its sturdy and durable quality. Perfect for people who are actively on the go at all times, this bug out bag that appears as a travel bag can easily be converted into a simple backpack in no time. Capable of holding a great deal of your necessary stuff, you can always count on this bag in times of mission trips that do not allow you to carry a lot baggage and involve a lot of movements.

Although made available in a very reasonable price, the SOC bug out bag definitely guarantees every one of a comfort and high quality that are always expected from a bug out bag. More than any other else, the SOC Backpack is a heavy duty gear that leaves every person not worrying about this bug out bag wearing out. No wonder why when it comes to overnight trips, short and long weekend getaways, everyday civilian jobs, and even Military missions, SOC bug out bag is the gear in use.

Fully equipped with padded carry straps among others, carrying this bag leaves you a nice feeling of comfort that you really need in whatever trip you are into, however rough the condition might be. Also, you need not worry if your kind of travel requires you a little more necessary things to carry because with its expandable capacity, it will always accommodate you needed extra cargo. By simply unzipping the zipper of the main compartment expansion, it will give you more space enough for all your stuff.

Brought in whatever field condition, SOC B.O.B. easily remains on its upright shape as it has featured metal slats to help it maintain such shape. In addition to that, this bug out bag also features a luggage tag and a name tag panel to make sure your name as well as some of your important information is firmly attached to it. It also has an organizer panel with it, complete belts and buckles, and a featured stress point reinforced way of stitching.

SOC bug out bag comes in various styles, colors  and dimensions. This is to make sure that your particular kind of SOC gear as well as your personal taste of details in your bug out bag is well taken into consideration. Among the available colors include black, coyote brown, foliage green, and a lot more. Various dimensions include 21 x 13 x 9 in., 16.5 x 5 x 19 in., and 14.5 x 9 x 22 in., among others.

Preppers with a SOC bug out bag, your travels, trips, and missions would never be the same. With comfort, space, and durability combined to a higher level in every SOC bag, it guarantees you nothing less than the best time away.

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