Small Bug Out Bag

A Small Bug Out Bag It Just Depends !

5.11 Tactical Bug Out BagI bet you have already heard a thing or two about BOB or bug out bag. Others prefer to call it emergency or survival kit or pack, or 3-day or 72-hour pack or kit. Whatever you call it, they all mean the same thing. They all refer to a bag or pack which contains all the necessary items when a disaster or calamity requires you to leave your place and move somewhere else much safer. This period of moving from point A to point B may last up to 3 days or perhaps even beyond. This is a great survival task and it definitely needs a large or small bug out bag depending on certain circumstances.

There are bug out bags that are relatively large, enough for anyone to hardly carry them with comfort especially when a lot of hiking and moving is needed. Although large bug out bags are great choices because they can easily accommodate all the items that you might need along the way, they are only good if there is a bug out vehicle that can be used. Whether a vehicle maybe used when bugging out is an integral part in your disaster preparation. If there is, a large bug out bag can easily be tossed over the truck or other vehicle and quickly leave. If there is none, a small bug out bag is a much better option.

Always remember that a bug out bag is specifically designed for circumstances that call for a very quick action. This is all about survival, after all. You might not be able to quickly move when you are carrying a large bug out bag with you. If the circumstances surrounding your area require hiking or even climbing when the need to bug out arises, you better prepare a small bug out bag as your survival pack. With a small bug out bag, you easily and quickly grab it and dart off. Plus it will not wear your strength and energy out during the period of moving for a safer place.

A small bug out bag might cause you to worry because you cannot carry with you all the items that you need or even want. This might appear reasonable, however, if you have the right choices of the necessary items it will not be a problem at all. Most often, the things that make your bug out bag a lot bigger and heavier than it should be are those that are either not really necessary or bad choices of emergency items.

A small bug out bag can easily accommodate all the emergency items that you need if only you avoid bulky and heavy food packs, tools, shelter, water containers, clothing, and so on. When preparing your small bug out bag always take note to disregard unnecessary items which are already considered luxurious when bugging out, as well as those things that unnecessarily occupy a lot of space and add a lot of weight.

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