Rolly Poly Extreme Bug Out Bag

Maxpedition ROLLY POLY EXTREME Bug Out Bag

Maxpedition. ROLLYPOLY EXTREME Bug Out Bag

Here is another incredible innovation of Maxpedition. The ROLLY POLY EXTREME Bug Out Bag has created a lot of impact with its great features and awesome design. This is another backpack of Maxpedition that can quickly transform from a full day backpack into a small pouch, and vice versa. Witness the unbelievable concept of a day pack folded into a small and compact pouch. The good thing is that its unique design does not in any way compromise durability. The construction of ROLLY POLY EXTREME Bug Out Bag is still as tough as it can get. This is indeed a perfect choice for a survival pack.

This backpack which simply keeps out of the way when not in used can turn into a truly dependable piece of stuff. The ROLLY POLY EXTREME B.O.B. comes with a long list of features you can rely on. Besides, it has a light weight which makes it more transportable compared to other backpacks. You can wear it day in and day out and it will never wear you out. It comes very light and comfortable. It sticks with you in its bet condition even under extreme punishment.

When rolled up, the ROLLYPOLY EXTREME Bug Out Bag has a mere 5” x 5” x 4” size. You can attach it to your belt or other backpack. It is really a small package. It only weighs 1 lb. and 8 oz. when empty. When unfolded, its main compartment provides you ample space with its 16” x 12” x 2” measurement. Its carry capacity is up to 500 cubic inches. This choice of bug out bag allows you to quickly move without getting drained.

In front of the unfolded ROLLY POLY EXTREME are two pockets for your smaller gears. The top pocket is measured 8” x 5” x 1”. It also comes with an 8” x 2” loop Velcro strip. The lower pocket has a measurement of 10” x 8” x 1”. It comes with a 4” x 6” Velcro patch outside and an internal divider and key retention. In addition to that, it also has a slip pocket outside with a 7” x 7” size. All pockets come with the durable YKK zippers.

Another great feature of Maxpedition ROLLY POLY EXTREME Bug Out Bag is that it has an independent hydration sleeve that comes with a drainage grommet. It can carry a 100 oz reservoir. Further, it also has substantial shoulder straps that utilize 1.5” webbing. They are adjustable in length and have elastic hydration tube loops and an adjustable sternum strap that comes with built-in emergency whistle.

ROLLY POLY EXTREME B.O.B. is feature-laden. You can really trust this choice of backpack as your survival partner. Having one always ready on the go is a great way of emergency preparation.

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