Maxpedition PYGMY FALCON-II Bug Out Bag Compact And Durable

Maxpedition PYGMY FALCON-II Bug Out Bag

Maxpedition is best known for its extremely durable products. Every item bearing the name Maxpedition also bears the finest bag materials, highly innovative and practical designs, and meticulous workmanship. These are all manifested in their products, no doubt why survivalists as well as campers, hikers, climbers, and other enthusiasts of outdoor adventures have been using their products and all with a good feedback. And now their new PYGMY FALCON-II bug out bag also offers the same high-quality features that make it an ideal choice for a bug out bag.

What is really needed in a bug out bag is that it can accommodate all your basic needs for survival, and that it is durable enough to carry all your survival items safely even in extremely difficult terrains and weather conditions. All these are well taken care of by Maxpedition, and their PYGMY FALCON-II bug out bag shows all the features, design, and quality that are carefully incorporated to provide the best choice of a bug out bag.

PYGMY FALCON-II bug out bag is designed in a rectangular and compact manner with the same rugged military construction that characterizes many Maxpedition backpacks. This is also an ideal choice for urban day backpackers because of its light weight and compact styling. You can carry this backpack all day long in your daily appointments with comfort, ease, and practicality.

This backpack is a wise choice for a bug out bag because of its durability and light weight. Its carry capacity is just enough for all your basic survival needs. The PYGMY FALCON-II bug out bag can carry up to 1400 cubic inches or 23 liters of your basic emergency gears. This space is actually enough to contain all of your compact and lightweight food packs, water, shelter, clothing, tools, and other bug out bag stuff.

It is composed of a main compartment which has a space measurement of 18” x 9.5” x 5.5”. It also features a 12” x 7.5” x 2.75” front pouch for your other items great and small. Aside from a front pouch, PYGMY FALCON-II bug out bag has also a slip pocket measuring 12” x 7.5” for your smaller stuff. For your hydration, it has a couple of side pouches for a liter of Nalgene. This backpack is well-supported with 1 inch of extremely tough adjustable sternum strap.

And just like other Maxpedition backpacks, PYGMY FALCON-II bug out bag also features a durable Y-shaped compression strap for the structural integrity and form of the bag while sewn nylon hard points are provided in front for users to be able to attach other Maxpedition accessories and pouches.

Carry your favorite choice of PYGMY FALCON-II bug out bag with a feeling of comfort and ease provided by back padding and supple curvaceous straps with a 1.25” nylon webbing support. All these features and designs make PYGMY FALCON-II B.O.B. an ideal backpack for bugging out purposes.

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