Preppers Here Are 7 Basics For Your B.O.B

7 basic kinds of gear you will need for your own Bug Out Bag

Bug Out Bag

For someone fresh to being a Survivalist, building your first Bug Out Bag (BOB Bag) can sound like a big task. Everybody you read about has been tweaking their BOB for many months or even years and has got a load of gear accumulated. It’s tough to understand where to begin, but if you address the various fundamentals in a emergency situation you will definitely be far better off that 99% of the people.

A Bug Out Bag, (also called a BOB, Get Out of Dodge Bag, GOOD, or 72 Hour Bag or even BOB Bags) is commonly intended to get you out of an emergency situation and permit you to endure self-contained for approximately 3 days. Many individuals prepare their Bug Out Bag to sustain them for much longer than that, however , there is a limit to what you are able to carry on your back plus a 3 day target is a good place to start.

Here are the 7 basic kinds of gear you will need for your own BOB Bag:
1. Water

Water Bottle It should go without saying that but I will say it anyway. Water is a survival essential for any situation. In a emergency situation water rapidly becomes the most precious commodity.

1 Liter everyday per person is really the minimum amount. So your 3 day Get Out Of Town pack should have a minimum of 3 liters of water.

To increase your capability or survive longer than a couple of days you will need a water purification system. This could be as easy as iodine tablets, boiling water or a water filtration system.

* You may use a Collapsible Water Bottle for additional storage.
* Make water collection easier with a Backpacking Bucket.
* Use Coffee Filters to extend the life of your water filtration system.

2. Food
Backpack Meals

For the 3 Day Bug Out Bag Content, Energy Bars and Backpack Meals are generally sufficient. Back pack meals are freeze
dried meals that you just add boiling water to. Theses meals are light and have a long shelve life.

Obviously you will be needing a longer term food solution in any type of large area catastrophe, however for
your basic BOB Bag, backpack meals are a solid set up.
3. Clothing

Your Bug Out Bag clothes needs to be much like what you might pack for a weekend backpacking trip.

* A pair of long pants
* A pair of sturdy boots or shoes
* 2 Shirts (Maybe (1short sleeve and 1 long sleeve for layering)
* 2 Pairs of socks (preferably not cotton)
* A Coat that is both warm and protects from rain
* Warm long underwear of some sort
* A Bandana (Their are many uses for a Bandana)
* A hat

This list could continue on for a while and many individuals would not dream of having a Bug Out Bags without twice that amount, however in a pinch that arrangement can get you by for 3 days.

4. Shelter
Tarp Tent

If you are going to survive for 3 days you will definitely need defense from the weather and a warm dry place to sleep. You should have a minimum of:

1. Some form of tent or tarp along with a way to set it up
2. A ground tarp for beneath your shelter to stay dry (In no way take too lightly the importance of this)
3. Some sort of Bedroll, ultimately a good sleeping bag.

5. Emergency First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit Trying to cover everything you need as part of your Bug Out Bag Content is another posting entirely to itself, most likely several more. I won’t try to cover it at this point because I would surely leave something out.

What I will do is suggest that you build your own Emergency First Aid Kit rather than buying one of those prepackaged first aid kits that claim to have 1001 things to enable you to get through any emergency. While many are alright, in my experience these kind of kits are usually filled with a lot of items you are improbable to need instead of enough of the things you will probably require a great deal of.

Plus, building your own first aid kit gives you a greater familiarity with just what it contains and how to use it. How many people purchase one of those pre-made set ups and just assume they are ready because there’s so much crap within it there should be what I need?

6. Basic Gear

Matches Basic Gear sounds repetitive but it is my category for those things you certainly cannot live without yet don’t truly fit clearly into a different category. Lots of survivalists probably won’t like this list because it is not thorough in the least, yet I will claim: It will be sufficient to get you through for a few days.

Rain Gear – at least 2 ways to keep dry while it is raining. Poncho and Jacket are decent coupled with your Tent/Shelter

Fire – A bare minimum of 3 different ways to create fire. I’ll have more on this soon in a new post.

You’re also going to need something to cut your firewood and a knife uses too much energy long haul: Choose the best survival saw you fell safe with. Again more on this topic later.

Cooking – The minimum for cooking is a small pot or a large cup to boil water in for both drinking and freeze dried meals. A small backpacking stove and fuel are better.

Light – No less than 2 dependable flashlights and a backup pair of batteries for each.

Survival Knife – The most used and most flexible tool in your Bug Out Bag. I know here it is again. I will have more on the Survival Knife later

7. Weapons

The fact of the matter is you are likely to be dealing with a No Rule of Law” condition, or close to it, and individuals might do ridiculous things. Being prepared to defend oneself is part of the survivalist mentality.

Obviously a firearm of some type is best for this. (Though not in all situations) Allow me to not go into specifics about what type of gun you ought to take because that is fiercely argued and truly a individual option. Take what is comfortable for you.

Outside of guns your survival knife can be used as weapon if you needed to. Also something as simple as a sizable walking stick or club can be a effective discouraging factor for crooks. It’s all about supplying oneself choices.

As soon as you acquire these essentials covered you can begin to test and refine your Bug Out Bag Content with other helpful gear as well as prepare it for longer term survival situations.

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