Noatak Gearslinger Bug Out Bag

Maxpedition Noatak Gearslinger Bug Out Bag Prepper or Adventurer

Maxpedition’s Noatak Gearslinger Bug Out Bag

Maxpedition’s Noatak Gearslinger Bug Out Bag is another model of its Gearslinger series of backpacks. Just like the Kodiak Gearslinger and the Sitka Gearslinger, it is designed in such a way as it can quickly be rotated in front of you to have an easy access to its contents. This is such a helpful design as you can easily get some stuff from your pack even while sitting down, or while walking without necessarily taking your bag off. Noatak Gearslinger Bug Out Bag is a great choice for preppers as well as outdoor adventurers. The design and features are also nice for daily use.

The ergonomic design of Noatak Gearslinger Bug Out Bag allows users to wear it as comfortably as a backpack and at the same time have an easy and quick access to its contents as a sling bag. The pack is designed to be worn as a backpack with its well-padded and comfy single shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is supported by a thinner strap. This helps the pack kept in its place and the weight to be evenly distributed to your upper body.

It can easily be rotated 270 degrees toward your front so you can save a lot of time and trouble of removing your pack every now and then when you need to get something from it. This is what makes Noatak Gearslinger Bug Out Bag a unique choice for preppers and outdoor adventurers.

Just like the other Maxpedition bags and backpacks, the Noatak Gearslinger B.O.B. has a rugged construction that gives you an incredible amount of comfort even when worn all day long. Maxpedition backpacks are famous for its tough quality that does not compromise comfort. It remains on its top condition even after severe punishment and under extreme condition. The comfort that it gives you will always be intact from day one until it lasts.

The back panel and the shoulder strap of Noatak Gearslinger Bug Out Bag are padded with the finest foam materials for outstanding shock protection. #AS-100 high grade closed-cell foam is used so you are always assured of a comfortable feeling and secured contents.

Its main compartment, which features multiple interior pockets, is spacious enough to contain all your necessities. Aside from that, it also has a front pocket which has an internal keyper and sleeve pockets. Aside from the 11” x 7” x 4” main compartment, the Noatak Gearslinger Bug Out Bag also features an 8” x 12” rear compartment for your other stuff.

The Noatak Gearslinger Bug Out Bag is the perfect choice if what you are looking for is a truly dependable and extremely durable backpack. It will never let you down. With this bag on your back, you are always assured of a reliable companion.

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