MERLIN Folding Backpack Bug Out Bag

Maxpedition MERLIN Folding Bug Out Bag

Maxpedition MERLIN Folding Backpack

Maxpedition MERLIN Folding Backpack

The people behind every Maxpedition product is indeed restless in looking for new innovation and concept that they can incorporate into their products. Here is another great and innovative piece of backpack that will really amaze you. The new MERLIN Folding Backpack Bug Out Bag is simply awesome. The ground-breaking features and design are great. You can use it anywhere and in any way you want. Have one for your daily use, keep it in your trunk as an emergency pack, have it for your weekend getaways, and so on and so forth, it is always an ideal choice.

Survivalists as well as outdoor fanatics have recommended this backpack. As it is another Maxpedition product, you are well assured of outstanding quality and superior durability. As a survival or emergency pack, the MERLIN Folding Backpack B.O.B. will surely withstand extreme punishment and extreme condition. This backpack truly makes a reliable survival companion that does not wear out.

The folded size of MERLIN Folding Backpack Bug Out Bag is 8” (L) x 5” (W) x 4” (H). When unfolded, its main compartment has ample space for all your emergency items with its up to 1080 cu. in. capacity. The size of the main compartment is 12” (L) x 6” (W) x 15” (H). It also has two front pockets for your smaller gears. The top front pocket has a size of 7” x 2” x 5” and with elastic loops and dual zipper opening. The bottom front pocket has the same size with the top pocket and has a cloth divider, zipper pull limiter, and of course dual zipper opening.

And the best thing about MERLIN Folding Backpack, from the name itself, is that it can be folded. You will surely be impressed when it transforms from a full sized backpack into a compact pouch, and vice versa. This lightweight and very versatile backpack can be folded into a small pouch forming a small MOLLE compatible packet which can be attached to belts using Malice clips.

When unfolded, it also comes with a back compartment equipped with a top D-ring that can hold up to 100 oz. of hydration reservoir, a folded blanket or towel, and other flat items such as magazines, maps, and other paper documents. The MERLIN Folding Backpack Bug Out Bag also comes with a carry handle in case you prefer to carry it with your hands.

With a rugged construction made from the finest and toughest backpack materials such as 1000-denier coated nylon fabric and 420-denier coated nylon fabric, durable buckles and zippers, the MERLIN Folding B.O.B. will not give up. You are in good hands with MERLIN Folding Backpack Bug Out Bag at your back.

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