Maxpedition Kodiak S-Type Gearslinger

Maxpedition Kodiak S-Type Gearslinger Bug Out Bag

Kodiak S-Type Gearslinger Bug Out Bag

For a leftie, the left side version of the famous and trusted Kodiak Gearslinger Bug Out Bag is Kodiak S-Type Gearslinger Bug Out Bag. If you are a southpaw and you are not at ease carrying the right side version, you do not have to worry at all because Maxpedition has another version especially made for you. The Kodiak S-Type Gearslinger B.O. B. has the same great features which you can really depend on. Carry it all day long, toss it over the trunk of your car, overfill it, throw it around, put it off and put it on, and be amazed with its good as new condition.

Kodiak S-Type Gearslinger

The thing that makes Kodiak S-Type Gearslinger Bug Out Bag a bit different from the rest is that it has only a single shoulder strap. But it makes it all the more reliable as it maximizes utility when you rotate your backpack toward your front. It can also be worn in front and you can easily and comfortably take your stuff out even while sitting down. It is well-padded so comfort is not a problem at all. In addition to that, it also comes with a tough support strap so that your backpack will be kept on its place at all times. The support strap also helps distribute its weight to your upper body.

As with all Maxpedition bags and backpacks, the Kodiak S-Type Gearslinger Bug Out Bag is built with a very rugged construction. The rest of the features do not in any way compromise the outstanding quality that Maxpedition bags are known of. Having a Maxpedition Backpack is definitely worth every penny you spent. You are always guaranteed of very tough or even indestructible buckles, straps, zippers, stitching, and other bag materials.

The Kodiak S-Type Gearslinger Bug Out Bag’s main compartment is 17” x 10” x 4” large, spacious enough to contain all your necessary stuff. Just like the right side version of the bag, it has two front pockets. The top front pocket has a size of 4.5” x 9” x 2”. The bottom front pocket has a space of 10” x 9” x 2”. The main compartment as well as the two front pockets comes with internal organization. It allows you to arrange your stuff properly.

The carry capacity of your choice of Kodiak Gearslinger Bug Out Bag is up to 1100 cu. in. You can also fit in your laptop computer securely. This makes the Kodiak Gearslinger a great choice not just for emergency purposes and outdoor adventures but also for your daily use. The features, design, and durability are simply awesome. As a bug out bag, you are assured of a reliable survival companion.

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