Maxpedition Falcon-II Bug Out Bag

Maxpedition Falcon-II Bug Out Bag Heavy-Duty Quality

Maxpedition Falcon-II Bug Out Bag

The task of bugging out is not easy. Make no mistake, it is far different from a weekend outing or an overnight getaway. When bugging out is the topic, we are definitely talking about a very serious thing. It is all about survival. It is all about getting safely to our destination where exposure to the dangerous impacts of a disaster or calamity is not something to worry about. One of the most important things to consider when the need to bug out arises is a bug out bag. Although the contents matter more than the bag itself, it is a lot wiser to go for a backpack that is of heavy-duty quality. Falcon-II Bug Out Bag is an ideal choice.

This is your ultimate backpack. With Maxpedition Falcon-II B.O.B. you are guaranteed of a backpack that will not easily wear down. Incredibly rugged, it is specifically made that way to perfectly serve the need of preppers as well hunters, hikers, campers, and other outdoor fanatics. Take this bag everywhere, to different places of different terrains and weather conditions, and you will find out how durable it is. Falcon-II Bug Out Bag has the very qualities that are ideal for a dependable bug out bag.

The great deal about Falcon-II Bug Out Bag is that it is a highly improved version of the original Falcon model. Unlike the well-appreciated older version, this new model is added with several features to make it more useful even in your daily schedules and appointments. However, the same rugged battlefield construction is carefully maintained. This is to make sure that after several years of daily use it still remains as tough as ever.

Falcon-II has a spacious main compartment with an 18” x 9.5” x 4.75” measurement. It also features a secondary compartment which measures a 16” x 8” x 3” space to accommodate the rest of your larger stuff. Aside from that, there are also two pouches in front, the lower pouch and upper pouch, to carry your smaller items. With its equally durable sternum strap and waist belt, your backpack is always secured. And the carrying comfort is simply amazing with its high-breathability and well-padded shoulder straps.

Falcon-II Bug Out Bag also features an external sleeve for up to 100 oz water reservoir. And for your other small and big stuff, it has five zippered large independent spaces plus two hidden compartments. Maxpedition Falcon-II and all of these features are of rock solid quality throughout.

This is one great choice for an emergency or survival pack. Extreme conditions and severe punishment simply do not matter with this backpack. You can quickly grab it or toss it over the trunk and it remains in its best condition. Falcon-II Bug Out Bag is truly a reliable survival companion.

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