Lunada Gearslinger Bug Out Bag

Maxpedition Lunada Gearslinger Bug Out Bag

Maxpedition Lunada Gearslinger Bug Out Bag

Maxpedition Lunada Gearslinger Bug Out Bag

The most advanced of the Gearslinger series of packs by Maxpedition so far is their Lunada Gearslinger Bug Out Bag. Simply superb up to the last detail, it carries with it the trust and recommendation of expert survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts. And since it is a Maxpedition product, it is extremely durable. It can easily survive and maintain its top condition even under extreme conditions. You can wear it day in and day out, you can toss it over the trunk of your car, you can place anywhere, you can even overfill it, and it remains at its good as new figure.

The Lunada Gearslinger B.O.B. has a lot of pockets with internal organizer loops. This allows you to easily organize your stuff and items. A total of five pockets can easily accommodate all your stuff big and small. It simple has a right place for each and every item that you are going to need. All your gears are safe and organized with this incredible piece of backpack.

The main compartment of Lunada Gearslinger Bug Out Bag has a space measurement of 12” x 8” x 3”. It is slightly tapered toward the front and has front and back dividers. It also features an internal loop field for CCW. And for you to be able to further organize your items, it also comes with an inner organizer pocket. Its main compartment has a drainage grommet. Using YKK#10 zipper closure, you are well-assured of safe and secured contents.

In addition to its spacious main compartment and an inner pocket, the Lunada Gearslinger Bug Out Bag also sports a couple of front pockets. The upper front pocket has a size of 7” x 3” x 1” and has elastic organizer loops and a divider. The lower pocket has a measurement of 8” x 7” x 1.5” with a drainage grommet, elastic organizer loops, a divider, and a key retention.

Aside from the two pockets in front for your smaller gears, it also features a 6.5” x 5.5” slip pocket in front with a YKK zipper closure. The Maxpedition Lunada Gearslinger Bug Out Bag has also a rear pocket measuring 6” x 8” and has an internal loop field for CCW and a button closure.

Your choice of Lunada Gearslinger Bug Out Bag comes with an ambidextrous well-padded shoulder strap with 2” webbing. It has a Duraflex Warrior side-release buckle. This integral shoulder strap can also be concealed in the rear compartment. And to prevent the bag from swinging around especially under rapid and quick movements, it comes with an ambidextrous retention cross strap which is adjustable in length. This support strap has a side release buckle with a built-in survival whistle.

All these features make the Lunada Gearslinger Bug Out Bag a highly popular and trusted choice of bag. Having one always ready on the go is indeed a great survival preparation.

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