Fliegerduffel Bug Out Bag

FLIEGERDUFFEL Bug Out Bag A Preppers Choice

Maxpedition Fliegerduffel

Use it as a travel bag or as an adventure backpack or as a bug out bag and it has all the great features that you need in a perfect choice of heavy-duty and all-around bag. You can even use it for your daily office appointments. This is FLIEGERDUFFEL Bug Out Bag, a great choice for many preppers as well as travelers and adventurers from all around the world. Its size meets the FAA carry-on bag size requirements. That is why airline travelers choose this bag over other travel bags. Aside from that, it can also easily accommodate all your basic necessities and it will not easily give up even if you need to fill it up.

Maxpedition Fliegerduffel B.O.B. features a 2 inches padded shoulder strap. This adjustable shoulder strap gives you comfort when you prefer to carry it with your shoulder. On the other hand, if you wish to have such a great choice of bag as a backpack, no need to worry because  Fliegerduffel Bug Out Bag also comes with backpack straps. You can comfortably carry it at your back even for long walks of difficult terrains with its padded straps. More than that, you can also carry it with your hand because it also features a comfy handle.

This is indeed a versatile choice of bag which you can really trust even in the most difficult and demanding situations. This is also an ideal choice for a bug out bag with its overall capacity of approximately 2380 cubic inches and a main compartment of approximately 21” x 13” x 8” dimension. FLIEGERDUFFEL B.O.B. can easily contain all your emergency needs plus some more other necessities you want to bring with you.

For your other stuff, you can use the top exterior sleeve pocket which has a dimension of 10” x 6”. There are also two 10” x 5” x 2” internal mesh pockets where you can put your other smaller items, plus another couple of external slip pockets which has a 14” x 4” dimension. You are also allowed to attach some pouches and other accessories with your FLIEGERDUFFEL because of its PALS attachment webbing at the bottom, on top, and on both sides.

Your personal choice of FLIEGERDUFFEL has all the high quality of a bag, almost indestructible durability, amazing versatility and practicality, and name all you need in your ideal bug out bag and you will have all of it. This one incredible piece of stuff is something you can rely on. You can even trust your own survival with it. Have a Maxpedition Fliegerduffel  Bug Out Bag always prepared in the trunk of your car and in your home and you will always have a great survival companion when emergency arises.

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