Doppelduffel Bug Out Bag

The Doppelduffel Bug Out Bag Equals Versatility

Maxpedition Doppelduffel Bug Out Bag

Here is another wise choice for a dependable bug out bag. The Maxpedition Doppelduffel Bug Out Bag is a very versatile kind of bag that is perfect for your demands of comfort and space. It is large enough to easily contain all your basic emergency items plus some more other necessities. The great thing about Doppelduffel Bug Out Bag is that it can be used as a backpack with its comfortable shoulder straps. On the other hand, if you are more at ease hand carrying your bag, this is still a perfect choice as it has a comfy and durable handle.

Travelers as well as outdoor adventurers have been using this practical choice of bag. And it always proves to be a very tough bag which will never give up even if exposed to extreme conditions. This is also the very reason why it makes a great choice as a bug out bag. When durability is taken into account, DOPPELDUFFEL Bag is a choice you really can trust. Constant punishment and exposure to different weather conditions and difficult terrains all day long are not something to worry about with this piece of stuff.

DOPPELDUFFEL B.O.B. has a main compartment which is large enough for all the items that you need. It has a 26” x 13” x 9” dimension. It also features a couple of padded dividers inside your main compartment to split it into small sections and for you to properly organize your stuff. Aside from the main compartment, it also has a top or frontal compartment of 10” x 7” x 2” dimension. There are also two pockets inside and two slip pockets at the side.

What makes DOPPELDUFFEL Bug Out Bag a unique and very practical and versatile choice is its 2 orientations comfortable shoulder straps and its hide-away integral backpack straps. It also comes with a nice handle if you prefer hand carrying it. Use it as a bug out bag or a travel bag or a hiker’s bag or toss it into your trunk or whatever you want with it and it serves its purpose well and good. You will have nothing about DOPPELDUFFEL but great appreciation at the end of the day.

With its 3200 cubic inches capacity and a hydration system that can easily hold up over 100 oz or 3 liters of water reservoir, you can absolutely rely on it as a survival partner. DOPPELDUFFEL Bug Out Bag also features PALS attachment webbing on both sides, on top, and on its bottom.

Choose your favorite DOPPELDUFFEL Bug Out Bag now in different available colors like foliage green, black, khaki, OD green and digital foliage camo and be assured of survival when any unfortunate disaster or calamity strikes at your area. Keep a Maxpedition Bug Out Bag in your home or in your trunk to make sure you always have a reliable companion in times of emergency.

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