Condor-II Hydration

Maxpedition Condor-II Hydration Bug Out Bag

Maxpedition Condor-II HydrationSpecifically made to be a rugged backpack, the Maxpedition Condor-II Hydration Bug Out Bag has been one of the topmost choices of outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists around the world. Climbers, hikers, and other outdoor fanatics as well as survivalists have trusted this new and dramatically improved model of Condor backpack. The durability and design have never been this great. The list of improvements made to Condor-II Hydration Bug Out Bag from the previous Condor model does not go below 10. This is another one great assurance to Maxpedition backpackers that there is always a new and improved backpack Maxpedition has in store for them.

Just like the rest of Maxpedition bug out bags, the Condor-II Hydration BO.B. is a perfect choice for Preppers. With every material meticulously scrutinized before passing through the equally careful manufacturing processes, reliability is 100% guaranteed. Everyone is assured that this new model of Condor backpack shall not easily give up even in the most difficult of times. With all its various dependable amenities, the Maxpedition Condor-II Hydration Bug Out Bag gives you a wise choice for your survival pack or emergency kit.

Also, this second generation of Maxpedition’s military assault backpack has been added with incredible features to make it a lot more useful even in your everyday appointments. However, the rugged built with which the Condor backpacks are originally designed are not compromised. The same battlefield construction is obviously observed in every piece of Condor-II Hydration Bug Out Bag. The upgrades are incorporated to simply come up with a heavy-duty Condor backpack which is more versatile and all-around.

The Condor-II Hydration Bug Out Bag has a square design with a rounded top. The main compartment, measuring 17.5 inches for its height, 14 inches for its width, and 6.5 inches for its depth, can easily accommodate over 1950 cubic inches of gear. It has also two front pouches, the upper pouch and the lower pouch, both can hold the rest of your smaller gears properly and safely. With one removable top strap and four quick-release compression straps, your contents are totally secured. Further, the capacity of the hydration pocket is also greatly increased, with a new 100 oz. capacity as compared to the 72 oz. of the old model.

The Maxpedition Condor-II Hydration Bug Out Bag is indeed one of the greatest backpack ever made. Having a bug out bag such as this one in your home or in your car is a great way of survival preparation. Having one always ready on the go, bugging out in case of an emergency or a severe disaster is not a problem at all. Survival is not something to worry about with Condor-II Hydration Bug Out Bag at your side.

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