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Most likely for those of you who have already read a lot or perhaps are significantly exposed to the preparedness community, you have already heard about Bug Out Bag or commonly referred to as B.O.B. or  Bug Out Bag is a specific kind of bag which you can easily grab when there is an urgent need to quickly bug out. Basically, a Bug Out Bag is already packed with certain items that you need for your survival while getting safely into your destination where you can possibly establish a plan for recovery. Most often, B.O.B,’s are specifically designed to carry food and other significant items for as good as 3 days.

Now, is a Bug Out Bag necessary for you? Most probably, you already have one. Your day pack, or your vehicle rescue kit, or even your purse is already a basic sort of Bug Out Bag. Although these packs or kits may not really contain all the things that you need to survive for 3 days, they often contain all the basic things that you need in your day to day activities. The things that are usually found in your daily pack, briefcase, or purse would include a lighter or match, a multi-tool or knife, medicine, and of course cash. If you try to add a little planning or careful thought into a certain bag design of a larger size, you will come up with a perfect B.O.B.

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There is a significant reason to consider the specific design and construction of your choice of  Bug Out Bag. A large rubber tote or a large duffer type of bag is a particular design some people find most preferable. Although this Bug Out Bag preference is totally fine, it is perfect only if you are bugging out by way of a truck or car. If you are stuck on foot, however, it is more ideal to use a frame-pack or a backpack. Moreover, it also proper to consider the climate of your own locality. If you are living in a rainy area and you anticipate a possible scenario wherein the emergency evacuation is due to severe condition of the weather, it best to consider a water-resistant or waterproof Bug Out Bag. There is a real need for you to thoroughly evaluate your situation and determine the particular kind of transportation you will most likely use and the specific needs that come along with your situation before trying to pack up your Bug Out Bag.

There are some setups of Bug Out Bags that are simply composed of large Rubbermaid containers series numbered 1 up to 5, or probably more depending on how many you want. In the event of a disaster, the numbered containers are simply carried and loaded one by one in the order they were numbered into a prepared SUV or pickup. The container having the label “1” would normally keep the most important survival items and documents. The following container would contain items that are considered less vital, and so on with the last container keeping luxury items. In this way, the user can easily grab the first container and immediately bug out if the necessity calls, or if there is still enough time continue loading until all the containers are loaded or until time runs out.

This particular IDF military style duffel bag is most ideal when used as a Bug Out Bag when you are moving from a dangerous area by a car or truck.

The German military surplus duffel bags, the IDF military style assault bag, the USGI issued duffel bag, and other large duffel bags are all outstanding over-sized B.O.B’s. Each of these duffel bags also feature straps similar to that of a backpack style bag for any person to be able to carry them easily even over long distances. When using these duffel’s in assembling a number of Bug Out Bags, it is easier for you designate a bag which is the first you will grab and some more auxiliary bags with extra tools and items.

Bug Out BagThis particular methodology of “grab it and go” is something significant to consider when you assemble your Bug Out Bag. The smallest bag of your particular bug-out setup should be a bag which has a size like that of a backpack and that can be carried easily, but can accommodate the minimum of a survival pack. It is very important for you to have a Bug Out Bag because in times of emergency you may not have enough time at all to pack all your necessary items in a bag. When you pack several bags in varying sizes, you can easily grab first the smallest one of them yet the most necessary and if there is still enough time left then continue grabbing the rest. You may also choose to carry with you 24/7 this small survival pack as a portable Bug Out Bag in your car’s trunk. And if you are stranded in a place away from your home, this kind of bag can also be doubled and serve as an emergency “get me home” bag.

The particular contents of a Bug Out Bag List is generally relative to the person owning it depending on his own personal experiences and needs. However, most Bug Out Bags should generally contain emergency food packs, cash, tools, medical supplies or first aid, and some more survival items. There are available starter kits which contain the very basic needs of a Bug Out Bag but which you can customize according to your own preferences and needs.

Your elementary Bug Out Bag List may greatly vary. However, they should include at a minimum food rations (energy bars or MRE’s, cat and dog food for your pets), water/purification gear, cash, fire starting tools (matches, lighters, tinder ), tools (sewing kit, knife, multi-tool), maps and/or compass and/or GPS, personal hygiene items, para-cord, duct tape, or rope, particulate masks and/or respirators,  medical supplies (prescription medications and first aid kit), poncho, communications gear, shortwave radio/AM or prepaid cell phones, and at least a piece of clothing which should be perfect for the particular season or climate conditions. These are basically the items that compose the bare minimum of any Bug Out Bag. Other people would also include some tools for self defense such as firearms and ammunition, or even pepper sprays. Of course, you may not need them at all or perhaps the laws and rules of your particular jurisdiction consider the bringing of these items illegal, but they are still worth considering when assembling your Bug But Bag.

Water and Food (as much as you can comfortably carry)
Change of clothing and a hat
First aid kit with a handbook
Dust mask
A list of phone numbers to be contacted in case of emergency
Supplies of personal hygiene
Whistle (to attract the attention and alert rescuers to your location)
Cash in small denominations
Portable radio and extra batteries
Paper, pen, and tape
5-day supply of the medications you regularly take and a prescriptions copy
Emergency lighting (e.g. headlamp, glow sticks, flashlight, and some extra batteries)
Large garbage bags and paper towels
Sturdy shoes, in case the evacuation requires walking long distances
Photos of family members for reunification purposes
Copy of health insurance card and driver license or identification card

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