Bug Out Bag Essentials: Four Comprehensive Videos For Prepper

Bug Out Bag Essentials. A comprehensive 4 video series. Watch it here no charge and get ready to be a Prepper.

Why Would We

A evaluation of the Bug Out bag Essentials you’ll need for catastrophe survival. Part 1 of 4. Loaded with details for the Prepper. This video series covers shelter, water, food, guns and defense, plus much more. Considering the condition of the economy this is extremely critical. Getting prepared is crucial. Many things can happen, at any given time. Consider Hurricane Katrina? 911! Whats in the future? My objective would be to attempt to have the most essential and important components of a bug our bag. Sure there are certain things demonstrated which are not essential.

Bug Out Bag Essentials video 1

This is the first video of a series of four videos that will give you a basic idea about the essential contents of a bug out bag, also called as 72-hour pack, emergency kit, and other names. Whatever people call it, the most important thing to consider is its contents. The bag itself is not as significant as its core contents that would help you survive when there is an urgent need to bug out from a place of disaster. Though, of course, most often we are asked to remain at home during catastrophes, there are severe times when we really have to seek a safe place outside.

First and foremost, your bug out bag essentials should contain enough food and water. These are the most important things as these will make you alive. Make sure you prioritize water as this will keep you going for days even without food. The best choices of food to put in your bug out bag include MRE’s and freeze dried foods that have long shelter life and very high calories and protein. The next is shelter. Make sure you include in your pack a tent, emergency blanket, mosquito net, and other lightweight choices of emergency shelter.

Bug Out Bag Essentials Video 2

This second video enumerates some more extremely important items your bug out bag must contain. Your bug out bag essentials  must contain communication devices such as a small battery-powered radio or TV, and of course enough battery supplies. This will let you monitor the latest news and information about the situation. Scanner and communication devices that would attract attention such as whistle, signal mirror, and flares are also very useful. Next is first aid kit. This will make sure any injuries will be given proper first aid treatment, enough to make one survive while waiting for medical professionals in cases of severe injuries. Better yet, one should undergo a basic first aid course or training.

Weapons are also very important to make sure you and your loved ones are always safe. Choices would include hand guns and rifles with plenty of ammunition, knife, stun gun, or expendable baton. You can also use some of these weapons for hunting and other activities. Sleeping gear is also needed to maintain great body temperature. A survival kit is also of great help. This last kit resort or final option will provide you the very basic needs for your survival. The right choice of clothing is of course another item you really must have. 1 set of extra clothes is the minimum.

Bug Out Bag Essentials Video 3

Choosing the right cloth is always a must, especially when you are outdoors. When choosing your set of clothing, always take into consideration the weather condition and the climate. Bonnie hat, boots, and gloves are also necessary. Your bug out bag should also contain tools such as good quality knives of different sizes which will be used to set up your shelter, cut cords, or even defend yourself. This would also include fire making tools. A multi-tool is another item your bug out bag must also have.

Maps and navigation are also needed. This would include compasses, GPRS, and topographical maps. You can bring with you at least two compasses. Maps will greatly help you with directions and knowing the specific spot you are going to. Also, always bring with you hygiene and bathroom supplies such as toilet papers, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and the like. These are very necessary for health reasons. Items which you can use to cook your food are also important. Small containers for cooking, small stove, and a pot to boil water will be extremely helpful.

Bug Out Bag Essentials Video 4

This last video of the series enumerates the miscellaneous items that your bug out bag may also contain. These are not very important but these will give you great help. Some of these items include a small and light plan book for your information, manuals such as survival manual and first aid manual, pen and paper which you can use to relay messages and write maps and other plans, a sharpening stone for your knives, bug spray, cell phones, watch, and identification. Ropes, cords, a couple of flashlights with different sizes, and a set of extra batteries are essentials to your bug out bag.

Basically, these would make up the essential items of your bug out bag or 72-hour pack. The items inside your bag may actually last for more than three days or 72 hours. Just make sure to keep your pack as lightweight as possible as you might carry this for long days. This will allow you to be agile and mobile for a long time. Also, make sure that you know how to use every item your pack contains.

Your bug out bag can also be used in urban areas or for camping, hiking, or even in your day to day tasks. Just keep it always ready to go so that you can easily grab it in a flash.

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