Basic Of Bug Out Bag 3 Getting Started Videos

Prepper Bug Out Bag Basics | Getting Your B.O.B. Bag Started

My fellow Preppers it seems getting started is the hardest part of the prepping so he are three how to build a Bug Out Bag videos to help you along.

Build Your Bug Out Bag

The Bug Out Bag or ( B.O.B. ) is simply a large emergency kit made up of the various stuff a person might necessitate to survive following a catastrophe. A Bug Out Bag enables someone to grab things you require swiftly and vacate might a catastrophe take place.

Most specialists recommend that a B.O.B. ought to include sufficient resources to carry on for a minimum of 72 hours. Because most catastrophes might interrupt services and regular life for more than 72 hours, we believe it’s a great concept to possess a B.O.B. bag which will permit an individual survive for an indefinite time period.

Make certain your Bug Out Bag was made to match your requirements. Many people might require items which are unlisted within this post. Keep in mind that these are merely some common recommendations meant to assist in your B.O.B. bag project. When making ones Bug Out Bag take into account any unique requirements or items which you or your loved ones may require.

Here is  a series of  3 video that will show you the basics of a Bug Out Bag

The first BOB bag video

Whats a Bug Out Bag. A  B.O.B.. Here you are going to watch review move through the 4 key types of bags as well as the fundamentals it is advisable to bear in mind while loading your survivalist Bug Out Bag or 72 hour backpack.

The video presents to us four basic Bug Out Bag designs. Apart from the three items- food, water, and shelter- that you must bring with you to be able to survive moving out from the place of disaster to a much safer place, these bug out bag styles will perfectly carry the other stuff that you will need on your way to a safe place. Each one of these B.O.B. or Bug Out Bag styles is specifically made to provide you a perfect backpack for a 3-day or 72-hour travel or hike. The standard medium Alice pack, the tactical 3-day pack, and the two different styles of Kelty bug out bags will surely keep you going.

The second BOB bag video.

Gather more information of the items you should have as part of your Bug Out Bag (B.O.B.) or 72 hour backpack. More info on the types of bug out bag contents and uses of the different BOB’s

This second video enumerates the first two most important things any person should really have when bugging out. The first and perhaps the most important is water. One cannot simply rely on the possibility of encountering any potable running water. In addition to that, you should also bring with you the very much helpful water filters and water purifiers, plus one or two backup filters and some water tablets. You may store your water in reliable water containers. Water bags are also very helpful. The second is shelter. There is always a need to equip yourself with a kind of shelter that can protect you from any external elements. Of course your shelter is preferably light and yet big in size. Along with your shelter, don’t forget your clothes also.

The Third BOB  Bag Video

The third most important thing to bring with you is food. Choose those that can give you plenty of energy but are not heavy and bulky; most preferably those kinds of food that only needs fast cooking or no cooking at all. For example, frozen and dried packs of tuna and salmon that can be eaten right away are great. Also, make sure you have enough food and plan out your every meal carefully. Milk and chocolate bars and the like, those that are of high in calories and protein are of much help. All in all, you have to stay good and well in your core items- water, shelter, and food- no matter what kind of bug out bag you are carrying with you. Also, have a good quality clothing and take note of the weather and other conditions of the area. Ok fellow Preppers now you got the basics of a B.O.B. so get started what are you waiting for?

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