5.11 All Hazards Prime Bug Out Bag

5.11 All Hazards Prime Backpack Makes A Dependable Bug Out Bag

5.11 All Hazards Prime Bug Out Bag

Here is a new innovation of 5.11 that offers you a lot more dependable features necessary in a bug out bag. 5.11 All Hazards Prime Bug Out Bag is covered all over with MOLLE. You can attach some more important gears that you need not include inside the pack. This is purposely designed as such as to accommodate lots of gears law enforcers need. 5.11 All Hazards Prime Backpack is a feature-laden choice of backpack that would definitely stick with you all the way. The durability is guaranteed 100 percent.

The main compartment of 5.11 All Hazards Prime Bug Out Bag has a dimension of 11.5” W x 7.5” D x 20.5” H. It can accommodate at least 1768 cubic inches of gears. It also features an internal padded laptop compartment. Your laptop will remain intact and secure inside your pack even under a lot of movements. It also features a hydration or armor compartment and a front admin panel with large “shove-it” area which you cannot find in other bug out bags out there.

5.11 All Hazards Prime Bug Out Bag also sports compression straps and tear out medical pouches. These removable medical pouches allow you to properly organize all your medical stuff and others. It also comes with an interior web platform. And for your smaller gears, a pocket in front and on top of the bag are provided. There is a handle on the top of 5.11 All Hazards Prime Bug Out Bag as well as on the bottom side. If there is a need to carry it upside down or move it around, the two handles at the bottom of this pack make it easier for you.

There is no reason why you cannot properly organize all your stuff with 5.11 All Hazards Prime Backpack. There are two compartments, plenty of external and internal pockets, and a sleeve for your items of different sizes including pens, keys, notebooks, laptops, iPads, etc. The compartments, external pockets, and the admin come with reliable zippers to make sure all your items are secure. Further, 5.11 All Hazards Prime Bug Out Bag has an orange interior, a great help to easily locate your things inside especially under low light, and for signaling purposes.

The list of incredible features of 5.11 All Hazards Prime Bug Out Bag can actually go on and on. The bottom line is that it is a model of a bug out bag that you can trust and recommend to your friends. An ideal choice not just as a bug out  bag but also as an office pack, 5.11 All Hazards Prime Bug Out Bag is definitely worth your money.

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