Buck 119 Unique Bug Out Bag Knife

Buck 119 Special Fixed Blade Maybe one of the most popular and traditional hunting knives of all time is the Buck 119BR Unique Fixed Blade Knife. This repaired blade knife has actually become really popular amongst hunters and deservedly so. Many claim that it is an almost best design, and … Continue reading

The Health Advantages of Sea Salt

Along with the┬áhealth advantages of Sea Salt it has a place in the Preppers Pantry Sea salt has many various health benefits, but prior to discussing them, lets first see exactly how it is obtained and what the different between sea salt and table salt it. Sea salt is an … Continue reading

Top Food Storage Errors Preppers Make

Leading 5 Food Storage Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Food Preparations Keeping food is among the most important chores for the preparedness lifestyle. It is the most efficient way to help alleviate any catastrophe (both big and small) and most preppers have a considerable quantity of time and resources tied … Continue reading

Prepper Survival Communication Devices

Prepper Survival Communication Gear Communication throughout an emergency circumstance is of the utmost value, so I wished to share the best survival communication equipment offered today. Since I’m a hubby and dad, I am enthusiastic about emergency situation preparedness and survival. Being prepared for an emergency should be a top … Continue reading

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