Mountain House Seafood Chowder

Mountain House Seafood Chowder Bug Out Bag Food Most freeze-dried foods that are purposely made to have a long storage life are often tasteless. Basically, this type of food is meant to be compact and lightweight for your bug out bag and nutrient-filled to provide you the energy that you … Continue reading

Powerfilm Roll Up Solar Power For The Mobile Prepper

Power Up Your Bug Out With Powerfilm Roll Up Solar Power Here is an innovative product from Powerfilm which will definitely prove to be very useful for Preppers. I assure you, this product would surely be a very significant addition to your emergency pack. As you may have noticed, most, … Continue reading

Reasons Non-Preppers Could Be Doomed…Why It could be a matter of life and death.

Excuses people have not to be a Prepper can explain why you should. Its not rocket science. A while back a friend and I talked of how many people in the U.S. have actually done any significant preparation for a real disaster. I’m not talking about a couple of cans … Continue reading

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