ROLLYPOLY Folding Bug Out Bag

Maxpedition ROLLYPOLY Folding Bug Out Bag The ROLLYPOLY Folding Bug Out Bag is another ROLLYPOLY model which Maxpedition designed as an ultra-light backpack, allowing you to avoid the burden and weight of a full-size backpack. Just like the ROLLYPOLY EXTREME Bug Out Bag, it can be rolled up into a small pouch. This is … Continue reading

Rolly Poly Extreme Bug Out Bag

Maxpedition ROLLY POLY EXTREME Bug Out Bag Here is another incredible innovation of Maxpedition. The ROLLY POLY EXTREME Bug Out Bag has created a lot of impact with its great features and awesome design. This is another backpack of Maxpedition that can quickly transform from a full day backpack into a small pouch, … Continue reading

A Preppers View Of Doomsday Castle Episode 1

Before The Flood. Episode One Doomsday Castle. My thoughts! I lowered myself into my favorite chair to watch the new show Doomsday Castle just as I had planned for 2 weeks now. The family of Preppers gathered together outside the Castle while Dad fills them in on whats to come. … Continue reading

Mountain House Potatoes & Broccoli

Mountain House Potatoes & Broccoli Bug Out Bag Food When it comes to your ideal choice of Bug Out bag Food, Mountain House Freeze Dried Food is simply unmatched. Their products have long shelf life, very easy and quick to prepare, compact and lightweight, and most of all really flavorful. Their Mountain House … Continue reading

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