Come And Take It Open Carry March In Temple! P and P Will be Going !!

Politics and Preppers will be at the Come and Take it open carry march in Temple, Texas This is what we have talked about on the podcast from time to time out of control Police that think they are the law and whatever they say is the law.  MSgt Grisham was stopped … Continue reading

Doomsday Bunkers: I’m Not Their Yet !

Doomsday Bunker! I’m not their yet gut maybe someday! As many of you can already attest to. The Doomsday Bunker is for the most, the last item on your Preppers List. I’m sorry to say I just have not gotten to that point yet. But that’s not to say I would not like … Continue reading

Mainstay Food Rations For Your BOB

Mainstay 3600 Emergency Food Ration For Your Bug Out Bag Called as pemmican, a dried fatty meat was once the choice for an emergency meal. Although it was not really tasty, it was often kept as an emergency ration in aircraft and lifeboats primarily because of its long storage life … Continue reading

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