Global Cooling Consensus! Ice Age Ahead!

The statement (global cooling consensuses! Ice age ahead!) is as much rooted in science as global warming consensus is! Their is no consensus in science only fact. Back in the 1970’s it was a Ice Age coming and it was mans fault. Aerosol, cars and factories were to blame. Science … Continue reading

Temple News: Women files complaint over 15 year old son arrested.

Temple woman accuses Temple police of excessive force used on 15 year old.  A complaint was filed by Temple woman after her son’s arrest on 5-18-2013 Complaint sited excessive force was used when Temple police allegedly fractured the young man’s clavicle. ” The arrest report for Lorenzo Martinez on charges … Continue reading

Cold Weather Survival Rations For Preppers

Best Cold Weather Survival Rations For Preppers Prepper Survival Food When selecting what varieties of food to include in ones survival supplies, take into account that in cold weather it is advisable to conserve energy. It is crucial for you to maintain calorie levels high since you will certainly burn … Continue reading

Interview Murdoch Pizgatti The Man Behind The COME AND TAKE IT TEMPLE! -Open Carry March

Politics and Preppers interview’s the man behind the Come and that it Temple march. Last night’s interview with Murdoch Pizgatti on Politics and Preppers was one of the most enjoyable podcast I’ve done in years. I have not done a interview on this show since I started it but did many on a … Continue reading

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