The Treasonous Sgt. Gramm Of Seagoville Tx. PD. How long before he kills?

The traitor of Seagoville Tx. Police Dept. Sgt. Gramm.

The dishonorable Sgt. Gramm is a prime example of corrupt treasonous law enforcement officers in Texas today. Not that this unlawful activity is confined to Tx. but this story comes from Tx..  Gramm who from here on I will refuse to call Mr. or officer took a pledge to defend and upholds the United States Constitution but has seen fit to ignore it and the laws of Tx. He has decided that neither one matters as long as he is a cop or the better term might be Pig. I rarely us that term but it fits well here.
Cop Block Oklahoma Abused By Ahole With A Badge 1st Amendment Audit

Gramm the other night took it upon himself to strike down the rights and laws that protect US citizens from tyrants like himself. He is now the judge jury and executioner of Seagoville Tx. Also involved was a lady cop ( unidentified) and I use the term lady lightly that failed to defend the young mans rights and instead defend our lawless wonder boy with a badge (Gramm). Texas has a law (Texas PC 38.02.)that if you are not under arrest then you do not have to ID. Some exception do apply but none that could be used in this encounter.
Texas is not a stop and identify state. Now some may argue it was suspicious activity but I remind you, that is not a crime and in fact the young man was participating in a 1st amendment protected activity and had called the PD to inform them he would be outside videoing.  No RAS of a crime under Brown vs Texas, and no probable cause. I’m going to leave it at that and let the video show just what kind of criminal Seagoville Tx. Police Dept. hires.
Comments from Youtube channel
  Disgraceful ,unprofessional cops like this sergeant need to find another line of work. It’s time for , we the people , to stand up to abusive police practices.
  More cowards cops making everything and everybody about terrorism.  What they continue failing to realize is they are the terrorists.
 That stupid woman thinks that being suspicious is probable cause????? Even if his actions fulfilled the threshold for being RAS of a crime under Brown vs Texas, then that’s STILL not probable cause. Do they teach the law at all in that part of Texas.
 You can tell by this thug Sgt’s demeanor, that this is his normal course of behavior. It’s illegal behavior Sgt! Texas PC 38.02. I suggest you look it up you smug bully asshole. I’m guessing the Sgt is probably the result of longstanding unlawful practices at this department.

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