Det. Carrosau! Is He The Killer Of 4 Baton Rouge Police Officers?

Det. Carrosau of the Baton Rouge Police Department is the kind of cop that get cops killed!

Det. Carrosau has no regard for law and no regard for the constitution and the rights of

The Tyrant of Baton Rouge,La Police Department?

other. He thinks he can do anything he wants and is king. He commits crime in the name of the law and gets away with it. Just as bad is the fact that the FBI is OK with it as is the Baton Rouge PD.

At this time no action have been taken against him and his crimes and we all know the Baton Rouge PD will investigate and determine he did nothing wrong. This despite the video evidence that he did.

Det. Carrosau is a corrupt asshole and his a danger to his fellow officers and the community as a whole. For those that have not got it yet Carrosau is the kind of cop that cause cops to die and might as well have killed those 4 officers himself.


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