Preppers Survival List: From Doomsday To Gloomy Weekend.


Preppers Survival List 101 Things For Preppers To Consider. 

Noah Was A Prepper wouldn’t you like to be a Prepper too.

This Preppers survival list is just some of the things I though a new Prepper might consider as they get a survival plan together. Its will cover Preppers that are prepping for small emergencies all the way up to the Doomsday Prepper. It is not everything but it will get you well on your way to being ready for what may come. Pick the items from the survival list that fit your situation the best, make a plan and get started on your path to survival. The list is not from most important to least, its just a list.

1.  Water Filters (Purifiers) and large stockpile of water. I keep a 400 gallons of potable water stock up in my home. You could find yourself in a situation that staying indoors might be the smart thing to do. Remember to get food grade containers.

2. Food for survival: Canned, de-hydrated, freeze dried, get things you like it will be stress-full enough. No need to make it worse. Stress can lead to bad decisions, bad decisions can kill. I like to use these items and rotate them out, that way they never get close to the expiration date.

3. Generator. They can get very pricey but not as bad as they were a few years ago. I have two, one large and one small for backup. Mechanical things break and in a emergency a backup can be a life saver. Don’t forget gas, oil and spare spark plugs. Yes they are noisy and may not work in your plan. That’s up to you to figure out. Continue reading

Guns For Preppers: Prepper Guns My Way!


Preppers want to know what are the best Prepper Guns ?

Customized Keltec Sub 2000Just what are the best Prepper guns? You might not like my answer but at least it works for me and it might work for you so read on and let me explain just what I mean by Prepper Guns My Way means. By the way I was inspired by a article I read about 4 guns Preppers need and want. I am a huge advocate of being frugal when it comes to Prepping mostly because I had no choice with the budget I had when I started Prepping. It is true that a gun is one of the most important items in a well thought out Prepper plan that is of course it you want to keep your stuff and live. But it is not the most important and can wait until you have food, water, shelter ect. Continue reading

Det. Carrosau! Is He The Killer Of 4 Baton Rouge Police Officers?

Det. Carrosau of the Baton Rouge Police Department is the kind of cop that get cops killed!

Det. Carrosau has no regard for law and no regard for the constitution and the rights of

The Tyrant of Baton Rouge,La Police Department?

other. He thinks he can do anything he wants and is king. He commits crime in the name of the law and gets away with it. Just as bad is the fact that the FBI is OK with it as is the Baton Rouge PD.

At this time no action have been taken against him and his crimes and we all know the Baton Rouge PD will investigate and determine he did nothing wrong. This despite the video evidence that he did.

Det. Carrosau is a corrupt asshole and his a danger to his fellow officers and the community as a whole. For those that have not got it yet Carrosau is the kind of cop that cause cops to die and might as well have killed those 4 officers himself.


Introducing Kieth Byers FBI Agent El Paso Tx. Terrorist Or Just A Tyrant?

Is Kieth Byers of El Paso Tx. FBI a tyrant a terrorist or just a ass that does not know is job.

On April 20 2017 Agent Kieth Byers of the El Paso Tx FBI assaulted a journalist injuring the journalist shoulder and handcuffing him for participating in a 1st amendment protected activity. The journalist was David Warden from the Youtube channel News Now Houston. David is a 1st amendment auditor and is used to police and federal agents over stepping their authority or just plan ignoring laws and the constitution. In this case I have not seen a case of inept, incompetent, immoral and illegal action such as the one’s agent Kieth Byers exhibited on this day.

I am not going to go into a lot of detail and will just let the videos tell the story. But in my opinion Kieth Byers should be charged and arrested for assaulting David. Assault is just one of the charges he could be arrested for but we know the local law will do nothing and in fact wrote David a ticket for disturbing the peace because he yelled when Byers attached him.

One more thing! These agents of the Gestapo other wise none as the FBI El Paso have no legal right to touch, handcuff or stop David from videoing from a public place. This has been upheld many times by the courts. It is a 1st amendment protected activity and is a crime to even stop someone from doing so.

Tyrant Alert Video from P and P News on Youtube

El Paso,Tx-FBI Assault Crime=Photography

The Treasonous Sgt. Gramm Of Seagoville Tx. PD. How long before he kills?

The traitor of Seagoville Tx. Police Dept. Sgt. Gramm.

The dishonorable Sgt. Gramm is a prime example of corrupt treasonous law enforcement officers in Texas today. Not that this unlawful activity is confined to Tx. but this story comes from Tx..  Gramm who from here on I will refuse to call Mr. or officer took a pledge to defend and upholds the United States Constitution but has seen fit to ignore it and the laws of Tx. He has decided that neither one matters as long as he is a cop or the better term might be Pig. I rarely us that term but it fits well here.
Cop Block Oklahoma Abused By Ahole With A Badge 1st Amendment Audit

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Tattoos are now a crime in Austin TX. so say’s Austin PD

Austin Tx PD say’s if you have Tattoos you will be detained stripped and photographed.

The Austin Tx. police department say’s if you have tattoos they will illegally detain you, strip you, search you and photograph you. If you do not comply they will arrest you and use force to obtain the photo’s. They will do this even if not being charged for a crime or violation.

In this video you will see Cody King who has been pulled over by Austin PD while on his way to school. Complete corruption in the Austin PD leads to this kind of illegal and un-constitutional behavior. With no charges and no arrest they will strip you down in public and take pictures of your body. How many way’s is this wrong.

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Douchebag With Badges Attach Photographer Orange PD California

Reporter From Time To Stand Was Attacked By 4 Orange PD Officers

Photagrapher / Reporter from Time to Stand was attacked by 4 Orange PD officers on public property for participating in his 1st amendment right to video. These officers illegally detained, illegally searched and illegally seized his property. His crime? Well no crime these assholes with badges just don’t like for people to video the corruption that seems to be so widespread in this PD.

I called the Orange PD and was told I would receive a call back from the Sgt. which never happened and when I called back I was told I would be investigated for calling. Go ahead and investigate all you want here I am and I dare you to come after me. Photography is not a crime and is a 1st amendment protected activity and in no way can it be used to detain or transformed into a crime.

We have a rouge PD that needs to be investigated and cleared out of any officer that condones or protects these officers. They have deprived this man of his rights and has committed crimes while doing so.

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Shell Think Policy Trumps Constitution.

Hey Shell Corp. Your policy don’t mean jack. Get over it, you just got schooled.

Houston,Tx.-Shell Technology Center gets schooled by 1st amendment auditor David from News Now Houston Youtube channel. For some reason Shell keeps making the same stupid moves against people videoing. Shell seems to think their policy is enforce outside of their property lines. They just can’t get it through their thick heads that Shell policy does not trump law or the constitution. Notice to Shell Corp. we don’t care what your policy is so get over it or we will just keep showing thousands of people just what kind of ass’es you are.

The Shell Corp. has gone so far as to bribe off duty cops to arrest David for videoing in the past. Even with bribery plus illegal detention and arrest no one has been held accountable because Shell has the Deer Park police dept. paid off. But that is a different story. This story is about Houston,Tx.-Shell Technology Center. Even after the local PD explains no law has been broken the security personnel keep harassing and threatening David. I guess a low IQ is mandatory for a job at Shell on the security force.

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Dufus and Butt Hurt Seguin Tx P.D. 1st Amendment Audit and Open Carry

Corrupt Seguin Tx. Cops caught in the act then scatter like roaches in the light !!

Dufus and Butt Hurt are two of Seguin’s Tx. finest! They illegally detain people for not committing a crime which they admit no crime committed. By detaining someone for no legal reason is a crime in its self. They even state that you have to show ID just because they want it, which is a lie. 38.02 Tx. states you don’t have to ID unless you are lawfully under arrest and by the way you can not be lawfully arrested for failure to ID alone.

Don’t make the mistake that they don’t know better because they do know this law. It is one of the most basic laws and one that they deal with daily. Seguin cops do this because they know the Seguin PD will back them up and in doing so show they are corrupt as well. This kind of behavior is not uncommon in PD’s around the country but only when the local DA’s are as corrupt as the PD.

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Great Cop vs Butt Hurt Prison Guards Get Schooled: P and P News

Fabian Dale Dominguez State Jail guard get schooled on law and rights.

1st Amendment Audit with a touch of Open Carry in Texas.

Maybe we were a bit rough on these prison guards while on this 1st Amendment Audit but we don’t like being told what we can or can not do. Especially when we are being lied to by butt hurt idiots from the Fabian Dale Dominguez State Jail that have no business telling us anything. We have the right to video anything we can see from a public place and the jail policy has no bearing on what we do.

We were told it was against the law, which the camera did not pick up as I was turning it on at the time. We were told we had to go to the other side of the street which we did not and I have no clue why it would make a difference. We also got lied to about being on public property. We know what we are doing and the lies just make them look like fools.

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