Preppers Survival List: From Doomsday To Gloomy Weekend.


Preppers Survival List 101 Things For Preppers To Consider. 

Noah Was A Prepper wouldn’t you like to be a Prepper too.

This Preppers survival list is just some of the things I though a new Prepper might consider as they get a survival plan together. Its will cover Preppers that are prepping for small emergencies all the way up to the Doomsday Prepper. It is not everything but it will get you well on your way to being ready for what may come. Pick the items from the survival list that fit your situation the best, make a plan and get started on your path to survival. The list is not from most important to least, its just a list.

1.  Water Filters (Purifiers) and large stockpile of water. I keep a 400 gallons of potable water stock up in my home. You could find yourself in a situation that staying indoors might be the smart thing to do. Remember to get food grade containers.

2. Food for survival: Canned, de-hydrated, freeze dried, get things you like it will be stress-full enough. No need to make it worse. Stress can lead to bad decisions, bad decisions can kill. I like to use these items and rotate them out, that way they never get close to the expiration date.

3. Generator. They can get very pricey but not as bad as they were a few years ago. I have two, one large and one small for backup. Mechanical things break and in a emergency a backup can be a life saver. Don’t forget gas, oil and spare spark plugs. Yes they are noisy and may not work in your plan. That’s up to you to figure out. Continue reading

Guns For Preppers: Prepper Guns My Way!


Preppers want to know what are the best Prepper Guns ?

Customized Keltec Sub 2000Just what are the best Prepper guns? You might not like my answer but at least it works for me and it might work for you so read on and let me explain just what I mean by Prepper Guns My Way means. By the way I was inspired by a article I read about 4 guns Preppers need and want. I am a huge advocate of being frugal when it comes to Prepping mostly because I had no choice with the budget I had when I started Prepping. It is true that a gun is one of the most important items in a well thought out Prepper plan that is of course it you want to keep your stuff and live. But it is not the most important and can wait until you have food, water, shelter ect. Continue reading

Texas constable assaults photographer! Illegal finger print scanner used. Deprivation of right.

Constables Pct 6 Harris County Houston Tx. now forcing finger prints on law abiding citizens. You will be physically assaulted it you do not comply.

Training Deputy Constable Soto and Rookie Deputy Tippin of precinct 6 Harris County Houston Tx. assaulted a well known photographer and reporter David Warden of News

Nazi Pig Of The Month

Nazi Pig Of The Month

Now Houston. His only crime according to Soto was legally photographing from public property. Yes I said legally, not a Type O. Any thing you can see from a public space can be photographed / videoed. This has been upheld many times by the courts. It’s a 1st amendment right.

According to Soto, photography is a suspicious activity. Suspicion is neither a misdemeanor or a felony and is not a legal reason to detain. Investigating a legal act is as well not a legal reason to detain. I’ve pointed this next fact in other articles but I feel compelled to re-state it here. It is important to this story. Texas is not I repeat not a stop and Identify state. In Texas you do not have to ID yourself unless you are legally under arrest. No matter what the officer say’s. Continue reading

1st Ammendment Audit: Another Tyrant Of The HCSO Officer Gaza Illegally Arrest Photographer

Officer Garza Terrorist With A Badge: Another Example Of Harris County Tyranny Out Of Control.

Officer Garza is as corrupt a cop as officer Ybarra both from Harris county sheriffs dept. They have now both arrested photographers for legally videoing from public property. They have both trumped up charges to arrest people just because they felt like it. They are both tyrants and blatantly break the law and piss on the constitution.  But this report is about sheriff deputy Gaza so lets move on.

Bad Cop No Donut

Bad Cop No Donut

This article is about just one of Garza’s contemptuous act of blatant disregard of the law. Texas is not a stop and identify state. To be required to ID you must first be legally arrested. That means you have to be arrested for something else before you can be charged with failure to ID. Failure to ID is a secondary charge. Officer Garza must know this. It is one of the most basic laws a officer must know. Continue reading

Did Punta Gorda Cop Lee Coel Murder Citizen.

I ask the question did Punta Gorda cop Lee Coel murder woman because in my experience you know from the first shot if the gun is real and if it is loaded with real bullets. Even the difference from blank cartridges can be felt and heard. I have thousand of hrs shooting many kind of weapons.

If Lee Coel did the shooting (which is rumor right now) question should be asked by the community and not just take the word of the police. Lee Coel is the cop that let his dog maul a man for not having a light on his bicycle. Continue reading

HCSO Deputy Ybarra A Convicted Child Molester Still Working.

Deputy Sheriff Ybarra of Harris County a convicted child molester is still working and a officer of the law.

Camera Man Arrested during 1st Amendment Audit by corrupt Dept. Sheriff.

How can HCSO have a Deputy sheriff convicted for indecency with a child and

Corrupt Cop

Corrupt Cop

aggravated sexual assault be on any police force in the United States. It is beyond me unless HCSO is so corrupt they don’t care. Even more Mr. Rodney Ybarra has shown a propensity to ignore the law and disregard the constitution. He willfully and gleefully illegally arrests people (on and off duty) for committing legal acts. He is aggressive and immoral as his conviction shows.

But yet the Harris County Sheriffs Dept. still employees him as well as the Shell refinery. It seems that Shell hires these off duty officers so they can have special favors like getting people arrested that don’t conform to Shells wants. The video you will see shortly is not a isolated incident. I will leave a link to two videos proving that. Also the Houston Chronicle has addressed this kind of behavior from HCSO as referenced in video. You can look that up. Continue reading

Citizen Pulls Over Texas State Trooper For Speeding.

Civil Right Activist Phillip Turner known on YouTube as The Battousai. Citizen Pulls Over Texas State Trooper For Speeding.

Phillip is a well known 1st Amendment Auditor and Cop Blocker in Texas. A 1st Bad-Cop-No-DonutAmendment auditor is someone that goes around filming police and other government servants ( I don’t like the term officials ) and when engaged by these servants he tests them on whether they uphold the laws and constitution. I am sorry to say many don’t and in fact brake the law and trample on the constitution.

Phillip was traveling down a Tx. High Way a couple of day’s ago and caught a Tx. State Trooper traveling at a high rate of speed. I think Phil said about 90 mph. As you will see in the video the trooper had no emergency lights on which is not protocol it might even be illegal. The illegal part will probably not matter because seldom is a cop held accountable for any wrong doing.

The officer admitted to the offence and apologized but I have to ask what would have happened to one of us if a cop caught one of us doing the same. I doubt we would of got off with a warning. In fact I would be willing to bet on it. I ask that this man be given a ticket and let him pay the fine or fight it in court. Even better take his ticket writing rights away.

We see this kind of behavior way to often. A officer writing tickets for offences he or she commits on a regular basis. Then have the nerve to show up in court to testify. I invite the High Way Patrol to punish this officer and make it public to set a example and show the people of Tx. that you do care about the law even if it is one of your own protected class.

Story submitted by YouTube channel P and P News

Editors Joke: Lets hope he was not on a Donut Run!!

Editors Note: Phillip hopes this encounter went so smoothly that it might help with the tension between law enforcement and the public.

” Just think about it for a second. A black guy encountering a officer about a violation and the officer is respectful.”

Phillip my take on this story is a little different than your but I hope your thoughts on this are correct and I mean that sincerely.

Keep up the good work and be safe.

Torture At Randolph AFB From The Beginning.

The story of torture at Randolph AFB. I had no ideal my short encounter with the MP whileBrashears The Torturer! doing a first amendment audit at Randolph AFB would lead into. I know I did a bad job on my first investigative journalist attempt that actually led to a encounter but that’s not the topic of this article. The story is about officer Brashears torturing a reporter while on public accessible land outside the main gate just outside of the visitors center.

Brashears who I think is a rent a cop for Randolph illegally detained the photographer for not identifying his self. Failure to ID is a secondary offence. Only after you are arrested can that charge be brought. Brashers kidnaped, imprisoned, and tortured the journalist for participating in this 1st amendment right. No law was broken here accept for officer Brashers offences. He should be arrested charged and lose his badge forever. Continue reading

Tyrant Found In Greer Police Department

Fire Lt. Jim Holcombe the tyrant of Greer P.D. Should be fired.

“Your department should be aware of a 2012 Department of Justice memo setting forth

Chief Reynolds need to fire Lt. Holcombe if he want to save any integrity in the Greer PD

Chief Reynolds need to fire Lt. Holcombe if he want to save any integrity in the Greer PD

photographers’ rights to record police in both public and private settings. The memo was written to the Baltimore Police Department to guide BPD is developing and refining its policy about members of the public recording them and their activities. However, DOJ stated that its guidance applies to all police agencies in the United States because the issue is one constitutionally protected 1st amendment fundamental rights of the press.

It is very lengthy, so I won’t post the entire thing here. But, of note, and relevant to your recent unlawful arrest of a citizen recording your department and officers, DOJ states in the memo:

“However, an individual’s recording of police activity from a safe distance without any attendant action intended to obstruct the activity or threaten the safety of others does not amount to interference.”

I would suggest your department get hold of that memo and read it very carefully. The conduct of your officers, especially the corporal and more especially the LT. was a clear violation of the photographer’s fundamental, 1st Amendment right to record police activity in public. Continue reading

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